how are babies made? Michel Cymes explains reproduction to children thanks to examples, often surprising, in animals

After the success of their book “Even not beasts! The 5 senses”, Michel Cymes and veterinarian Farah Kesri publish a similar book devoted to reproduction. In it, the authors explain human reproduction to children by addressing the different stages of animal reproduction: seduction, sexual act, birth, etc. “Thanks to this book, I was able to explain to my daughters for the first time how babies are made”, confided our journalist Alix Battard by way of introduction.

On the RTLINFO Avec Vous set, the two authors explained their approach. “The essential question is what does the dad bring? What does the mom bring? How does the meeting between the two go, but not the sexual act itself”, said Michel Cymes. Many animal examples are reviewed, often surprising: cuddles in porcupines (without hurting themselves), “penis” fights in snails, “zizi brush” in male dragonflies, etc.

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