How can Haaland be stopped? .. 5 possible ways

The Norwegian Erling Haaland, the Manchester City striker, has become the talk of the whole world after his exceptional form since the beginning of the current season.

Haaland who moved to Manchester City Last summer, he came from Borussia Dortmund for 60 million euros, the value of the penalty clause in the contract with the German club, this season he began to mock him.

From sarcasm to glow

The reason for this ridicule is that he missed several easy chances during City’s 1-3 loss to Liverpool in the Community Shield match, which was played late last month.

But then Halland’s scoring talent exploded, scoring 17 goals and making 3 in 11 games with City in all competitions.

Halland recently entered history after scoring a “hat-trick” in the victory of City, on Sunday evening, against his neighbor Manchester United in the derby, 6-3, in the ninth round of the English Premier League.

Haaland became the first player in the history of the Premier League to score a hat-trick in 3 consecutive matches at his team’s stadium, and he is also the fastest player to achieve this in the competition, in his first 8 matches.

How can Haaland be stopped?

Haaland’s scoring machine exploded in this way, causing fans of rival teams to Manchester City to search for the perfect ways to stop the Norwegian striker’s hurricane.

And according to a previous report by the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, there are 5 ways that should be followed to work on the possibility of stopping this Norwegian cyclone.

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The first way is to work hard to keep Halland outside the penalty area of ​​the opposing team, as the most powerful area for this young player is the penalty area, as he scored 95% of his goals last season and this season from this region.

With regard to the second method, it is forcing City to play from the right, not the left, because the passes that come from the latter usually result in goals for Haaland.

It should not be enough to have one defender to monitor Haaland, as the number can reach two or 3, and this is the third method, according to the “Daily Mail” report.

Also, we must work hard to deprive Manchester City of the team play that is skilled on it, especially creating opportunities, because the large number of creating these opportunities will increase Halland’s scoring chances.

The last way is to surprise Manchester City by attacking and not relying permanently on the defense, because this will push the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola to return the advanced defense back, and then reduce the support for Haaland in the front line.

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