How can the Credit Bureau help you buy a house in Infonavit?

At the time of apply for a loan before the Infonavit, It is possible that we find that the credit that they authorize us not tall enough to buy the house that we want. For this reason, your credit bureau history can help you buy your new home.

How can my Credit Bureau help me at Infonavit?

Having a good record will help you in your credit Infonavit | Source: Special

When we have accumulated the 116 points necessary to apply for a loan Before the Infonavit (Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers), it is possible that the amount that they authorize us is not enough to buy the house we have in mind.

Although, there are some factors that directly affect the credit they offer you, such as the work low outsourcing, a practice that can affect you if you are paid at the minimum before the IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security), instead of the salary you actually receive.

Therefore, allowing Infonavit to consult your Credit Bureau gives you an opportunity to increase your financing enough to pay for the house you want, even more so, if you decide to use the program Let’s join credits where financing will grow if you request it with your partner, friends or family.

What if I have a bad record?

Cleaning your Bureau will give you good references in financing | Source: Pixabay

In case of not having a good credit history, then, it is recommended to apply strategies for clean your Bureau, and in this way it does not affect you in the calculation of the credit before Infonavit. Therefore, we recommend putting your Credit Bureau in order and then accepting that Infonavit consult it.

On average, when you authorize the Infonavit take your credit history into account For your mortgage, this can increase the amount you will receive to buy a house by 20%.

If you want more information on the credits offered by Infonavit, remember that you can follow the official channels of Oink Oink where you will find the best content every day.

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