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Wednesday 06 May 2020

I wrote- Amira Helmy:

The artist Ahmed El Sakka fell, at the beginning of today’s episode of his program “Ighlab El Sakka”, while he was on “Almuraija”.

After his fall, El-Sakka refused to have any person touch his leg so that the pain did not increase, and he asked the presence of his personal assistant to deal with the matter, to return to the Sakka, and to resume the challenges in front of Maya Diab, which sparked a state of controversy on social networking sites.

Dr. Kalthoum Mohamed Abdel Hamid, professor of natural medicine and rheumatism at Al-Azhar University, explains that the fall of Sakka appears to be simple, so he managed to stand again and complete the program.

She added to “Masrawy” that if there is a rupture of the tissues or pieces in the cruciate ligament and the inner cartilage, then it is not possible to move at that time and put pressure on the foot and knee, but in the case of simple sprains, it is among the first aid, that the bone respond quickly to it, in a specific way that he does not know Only a specialist so that things do not get worse, so what is stated is that he asked for the help of a particular person.

The Professor of Rheumatism commented on the urgency of the Sakka to seek help in returning his knee which is “hot”, saying that it is a common word that has no basis between medical terms, explaining that it is desirable not to risk the movement of the bones when injured.

And on completing Al-Saqa program, which depends in some of his paragraphs on physical games in some of his paragraphs immediately after the injury, “Abdul Hamid” explains that this depends on the strength of the person bearing the injury that he may feel later.

She pointed out that the endurance strength varies from person to person, and is not related to physical strength or attendance to sports, but rather to the person himself and his challenge to pain.

Maya Diab, “Al-Saqqa”, will compete in today’s episode of “Al-Saqqa Al-Sakka” program, presented by Razan Al-Maghrabi for “MBC Egypt”.

“Most of the Sakka”, an entertaining competitions program, between the artist Ahmed El-Sakka and one of the stars, and for a full hour, the guest competes with El-Sakka in many unusual fields, and at the end of each episode, the guest donates the financial sums that he won to a charity, in addition to the existence of a competition Daily for the public on TV.


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