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Weapons are sharp, cutting iron like mud. The wind is sharp, and the iron is like a small iron. Hope to use more discussions and share various views of the game.

Due to various factors, the 2022 offseason appears to be less volatile and less discussed. There are no big fish in the free market. Among several unexpected restricted free agents, Deandre Ayton was eventually followed up by the home team, Miles Bridges Directly due to the off-site turmoil, the only person who really has a so-called robbing person and finally offers a big contract may only be Jalen Brunson.

In this offseason when the free market is deserted, the Nets have been the topic of conversation so far. The Nets have not yet determined how Ben Simmons will appear this season after being traded last season. There are two major players, Kyrie Irving and The Zijin army in Los Angeles was frowning, and Kevin Durant asked directly. In the recent news, he even gave an ultimatum to the top management. After meeting with the boss Cai Chongxin, KD took the initiative to ask the boss to choose a side. If you want to keep him, Gotta fire general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash.

After meeting with KD, Cai Chongxin posted on his twitter, saying that he would support the uniform and coaching staff. It seems that this Brooklyn soap opera will not end for a while, and although the Nets have stepped on the bottom line to death, The buyer always has to pay a huge price, but the possibility of KD being traded has not yet been shattered. It all depends on how the Nets mediate.

Whether KD transfers or how to transfer is the next choice between the Nets and KD, but before the real result, the most embarrassing thing for KD is that if he leaves the team this time, it will be the third time in his career. The parent team broke up, and judging from his skill and status, these three breakups are more ugly each time, and his historical evaluation is definitely not good news.

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get out of comfort zone

Before June 2016, in Oklahoma City, KD could have been the hero of their entire city. For the Thunder, when the team first relocated from Seattle to Oklahoma in 2008, KD was not good. Jeff Green, who was on the same ladder, was a sophomore who had just passed his rookie year, but over the next eight years, until June 2016, the skinny boy who moved with them grew up and became a seven-year-old all-rounder. All-Star Game member, one-time All-Star Game MVP, four-time scoring champion, five-time First Team of the Year, and 2013-14 MVP of the Year. At that year’s MVP award ceremony, the scene where he thanked his mother with tears in his eyes moved almost the entire Oklahoma City. On May 30, 2016, although the Thunder finally lost in the Western Championship and was reversed by the Warriors, the Warriors had just written the best record in NBA history with 73 wins and 9 losses, but the Thunder were able to grab 3:1 first. Cards, scared the warrior army into a cold sweat.

Undoubtedly, at the moment of June 2016, KD gradually brought a lot of good memories to the Thunder. As long as he became a free agent during the offseason, he can stay and live with Oklahoma City for a long time. In the future, the jersey will hang high. In the arena, becoming a classic representative of local basketball is a matter of course.

But after the free market opened in July, the entire Thunder and the entire Oklahoma City seemed to be slapped heavily by KD. On “The Player’s Tribune”, an article titled “My Next Chapter” read It seems that the decision is so difficult to write, but it is all bullshit for Thunder fans. What they saw is that not long ago, he was carrying the ace of the team and the superpowers of the league, and just a month after the defeat, he announced that he would join Ganggang. Beating their team, the phrase “I found my chance to evolve into a man: get out of my comfort zone” speaks volumes about leaving the Thunder, as if it was a tough decision to join a super-powerful team, completely let all Okla The citizens of Homer find it hard to accept.

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On February 11, 2017, KD, who became a member of the Warriors, returned to the Thunder’s home Chesapeake Energy Arena for the first time. Although there were still some small fans holding jerseys to sign KD’s autographs before the game, when the players of the visiting team were called at the start of the game, the audience booed. everything.

Oklahoma is not such a ruthless city. Later, Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams and others returned to the Thunder home after being traded, and they all received loud cheers and tribute films. Thunder fans fully valued and understood who put their heart and soul into this game. The team, and this is why, it shows how much Oklahoma City hates KD. The glory of the past has become a thing of the past. Since July 2016, KD has been the biggest enemy of the entire city.

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