How does Ronaldo maintain his fitness at the age of 36?

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his keen interest in his physical fitness, through a strict diet, and commitment to intense training, which made him continue to shine on the football fields despite his over 36 years of age.

To maintain his fitness and continue with his usual regime, Ronaldo moved a special room from his former residence in Turin, Italy, to the city of Manchester, in order to use it in his training and exercises, according to (Al Jazeera Net).

Another technique that the Portuguese star keeps in his diary is the use of a cryotherapy room.
According to the British newspaper (The Sun), Ronaldo made sure that moving that room was among his priorities after joining Manchester United from Juventus.
The newspaper indicated that the room, whose price exceeds 60 thousand euros, contributes to the treatment and rehabilitation of tissues thanks to the cooling that may reach (160) degrees below zero.
Users do not spend more than five minutes in using this room, and any longer may harm the body.
Advocates of this technique say it boosts blood circulation and improves the immune system, reduces fatigue and helps recover from injuries faster.
And the British newspaper quoted a source as saying: “Ronaldo is meticulous in how he takes care of his body, and will do anything to get an extra edge.”
The source pointed out that moving the cryotherapy room from Italy to Manchester was not an easy feat, but Ronaldo is now happy to complete the transfer because it will help him in his recovery routine after the matches.
“Bringing the room to England was one of his priorities because he knows how difficult the Premier League is, and he is keen to stay at the peak of his fitness,” he added.

It is worth noting that Ronaldo made a successful start with Manchester United, scoring five goals in six matches in all competitions, and was also crowned the English Premier League Player of the Month for the month of September.

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