How does the Council for the Republic work?


Former President Carles Puigdemont and former Commissioner Toni Comín presented the Council's operation for the Republic in Brussels this Saturday, which was presented on October 30th in a ceremony in the Sant Jordi hall of Palau de la Generalitat. Comín was tasked with explaining how the entity works, of a private nature, and that at that time "founder" – in the words of the promoters – will be piloted by Puigdemont and by the fire extinguishers who want to incorporate it.

According to Comín, citizens who sign up to the new platform through the web page – currently 40,000 registered – will participate in the election of an assembly of representatives of 150 members who will be responsible for choosing the President of the Council for the Republic. This leader, in turn, will choose the members of this body. However, this voting procedure will start when registered members will reach one million votes or there is a term between six and twelve months.

Until then, those who will lead the Council for the Republic will be Puigdemont and the exiled exemptions they want to incorporate – in the ceremony, they attended Comín and also Lluís Puig and Clara Ponsatí. The assembly, on the other hand, will be formed by Members of Parliament who so wish, councilors and members of the ANC.

Among the initiatives that will be undertaken, there are also legislative ones. Comin has announced that one of the first initiatives of the Council for the Republic will be the impulse of an 'initiative of European citizens to claim the activation of article 7 of the Treaty on the European Union, what he believes to affirm "the existence of a serious and persistent violation by a Member State" of the fundamental principles of the EU and thus allowing the suspension of the rights of this state.

To empower it, it is necessary for the citizens of seven EU Member States to collect 1 million signatures in this minimum of these seven different European countries. Once registered, fulfilling these requirements, the European Commission can decide whether or not to take action with respect to the request. This will be the first axis of action in a total of five: political (to build the legislation of the republic with a Catalan constitution), internationalization, diffusion and legal field.


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