How Google Amazon wants to get on its nerves


Google Shopping is being fundamentally overhauled. It is unusual for a Silicon Valley Group to first test a product in Europe before using it in the US. But that is exactly what is happening now: In France, the search company has expanded its price comparison engine so that its users can buy products directly from their Google Account without having to register directly with the provider. The dealer then delivers. Google guarantees that the provider is legitimate and also takes the goods back. In addition, a clearer listing of whether the desired product is also available locally for picking up. "It's been so successful that we're bringing it to the US," says Oliver Heckmann, Vice President of Engineering for Shopping and Travel, Headquarters Mountain View.

When the refurbished shopping channel is also offered in Germany, is still pending. Here Google is still under attack because he is accused of misuse of its product comparison sites.


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