How healthy it is to lose weight every month and what are the real effects of famous diets

You have a few extra pounds and you are tempted to try to hold one diet? But would you like not to play with your health and follow a plan in full knowledge of the facts and without side effects, being convinced that later the well-known yo-yo effect will not appear?

I talked to nutritionist Camelia Olteanu, to find out if these things are possible. That’s how I found out that there is no diet that does not have a yo-yo effect, but that you can lose weight by following a few rules. One of these is not to mix carbohydrates with lipids and proteins at the same meal.

The nutritionist explained in an interview what are the other dangers that can occur as a result of a restrictive diet, but also what happens in the body when we lose 10-15 healthy pounds.

There are people who have noticed on their own skin the effect of yo-yo after diet. Is there a regime of weakening after which not to appear?

People need to understand that every diet held for a certain period of time will inevitably be followed by the recovery of lost pounds, even with a surplus, if the style of life forever. This means healthy eating, exercise, sufficient consumption what, the period of sleep adequate to the requirements of each body and the consumption in very small quantities and only occasionally of alcoholic beverages.

It does not mean that, occasionally, we can not enjoy our favorite food, even if it is some sweets, pretzels, salads, etc., but then we climb on the scales, see if we won in weight and we do our best to get rid of the surplus in a few days, so that we are ready for the next opportunity.

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Few people can completely give up some culinary pleasures that make you fat. This requires willpower and determination.

Are there more “bad” effects of diets, more dangerous than this? What can happen during a restrictive diet, what deficiencies or pain can occur?

It depends on the diet. If it is a diet based only on proteins animated, for a longer period of time, the lipid profile will be affected: will increase the values ​​of total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol. Also, may increase the levels of transaminases, uric acid and urea. The concentration of water-soluble vitamins will decrease: vitamin C and B-complex vitamins.

If you adopt a diet with few calories, there is a risk of a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

The strict vegetarian diet, prost manageriata, can lead to deficiency of essential amino acids and fat-soluble vitamins: A,D,E,K.

In fact, can you tell us what are the side effects of some famous diets? What deficiencies or problems may arise from the Atkins diet? What about the Dukan regime?

Both diets are based on the fact that foods rich in animal protein – meat, fish, eggs and products lactate – give satiety for a longer period of time, about 3 hours, and do not gain much weight, unlike carbohydrate foods – fruits, vegetables – which are less hungry, about an hour.

Even if those who promote them try to claim the opposite, the laboratory analyzes and the testimonies of those who have tried them prove that in most cases (there can always be exceptions, very few in number). there are nausea, anxiety, nervousness, increased blood pressure, fainting, in addition to increased cholesterol, uric acid, the appearance of “fatty liver” or constipation. Plus, sooner or later, those who tried these diets gained weight again.

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But in the case of the cabbage soup diet, what effects can occur?

It is an extremely low-calorie diet, it is a starvation of the body that invariably leads to slowing down the metabolism. The body protects itself, reduces its burns and, when it receives more energy from food, will recover the losses and we will gain weight again.

Not to mention the stress we face through this imposed starvation.

What can you tell us about dissociated diets? Is there any that can be considered safe?

If we really want to, we can eat and dissociate for days: a day meat, fish, eggs, a day dairy, a day fruits, one day legume and then repeat.

I don’t think it’s a good option, especially if we go out or participate in an event. It is very frustrating and we can’t even keep this type of diet for a long time or even a lifetime. The waiver will materialize with the kilograms gained back.

The preferred option would be one in which we do not mix carbohydrates with lipids and proteins at the same meal.. It is much healthier and the weight loss effects will be maintained. It can be respected for life, without problems.

What weight can be lost without skin problems? Is it ideal to lose up to how many kilograms per month?

It depends a lot on the skin type, age, under what conditions the weight loss took place, how many kilograms were lost and in what period of time. I saw people who lost 20-40 kg and the appearance of their skin did not change and others who gained weight or lost 10 kg and had problems.

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The theory is that it would be healthy to lose 2-4 kg / month, but this also depends on the weight we start from, age, sex, physical activity.

If we managed to lose 10 to 15 kilograms healthily, how does the body feel the change, are there functions that improve? Analyzes that usually say in the case of a person without major problems health?

When we have managed to reduce our weight substantially, we will see an improvement in organ function, we will be able to breathe better, heart it will work better, we will no longer have problems with sleep, we will move more easily, we will no longer have back and joint pain.

Analyzes of cholesterol and blood glucose will show values ​​closer to normal if the values ​​exceeded the upper limit. In general we will feel a state of well-being of the body.

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