How hormones affect our body now


Spring is entering the country. People laugh again, flirt and put in a good mood. But why does the sun make you happy? What happens to ours hormones?

Sunbeams: serotonin e endorphin make you happy

Psychological research has shown that it is the spring fever it really gives. Because when the sun's rays hit the skin, the brain is increasingly pouring the hormone of happiness endorphin out. endorphin is one messengerwhich forms in the pituitary gland, acts as a painkiller and It is distributed in positive experiences. Also the formation of sex hormones go to endorphins back. Another hormone of happiness stimulated by sunlight is serotonin. It makes the body more relaxed, balanced and satisfied, and is also known as the hormone of activity. The antagonist of serotonin, the sleep hormone melatonin, is reduced during the transition from winter to summer. We feel more vigilant and more active.

Testosterone production increases in spring and summer

Even that sexual hormone Men's testosterone increases in spring and summer. But it's not just one sexual hormoneTestosterone is also important for the psyche and makes men feel better physically. Women do not have a seasonal hormonal rhythm.

spring fever increase through sport

If you are still active under the sun when you are in the sun, you will notice that the good mood and the feeling of happiness increase even more. Many studies have shown that exercise has a mind-enhancing effect on the mind. Responsible for this are i messengers, such as endorphins and morphine, which have analgesic effects and which improve mood.

Vitamin D: formed by sunlight

The enjoyment of the sun's rays has a positive effect on the mood. Numerous studies have shown that there is a clear correlation between depressed mood and vitamin D deficiency. So were depressive states in people who are active. Mediterranean barely detected in the people living in Scandinavia live, more often. If a vitamin D deficiency is balanced, the mood increases. Make healthy people Vitamin D especially on the skin in sunlight. It is sufficient to have hands, face and parts of arms and legs radiated by the sun. The body uses the UVB radiation of the sun and produces vitamin D from a previously modified liver cholesterol in the skin. It is important for the bones, the immune system and the muscles. "Sunlight, with its full spectrum of colors, is incredibly important to us because we talk about it messengers, then hormones, produce ", says Dr med. Johannes Püschel, Specialist in general medicine.

Empathy and concentration through the increase of temperature and light

As the temperature rises, man is not only in a better state of mind, but he also becomes more empathetic and more lenient with his fellow men. This has the effect that other people are not so stressed and in turn become more empathic. Luck is known to be contagious. Daylight also promotes health and concentration and makes people more efficient and satisfied.

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