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Intelligence experts believe that even if the Kremlin is far from it, Russia has tried to influence the US Presidential election in 2016. Among other things, by Trolle on Twitter and Facebook dispute dispute and falsehood. ZEIT, together with several European search editors, has gone on the hunt for clues. TIME-Investigative-Editor Yassin Musharbash explains in an interview with Rita Lauter, whether such methods can really be decisive for the election, whether they also in the European elections be applied – and whether one can oppose something.

“Nobody is allowed to inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal for no reasonable reason,” states the Animal Welfare Act. What could be a reasonable reason to kill male chicks immediately after hatching? From the point of view of the poultry industry money is such a reason, because the rearing of male chicks does not pay off economically. The result: 45 million chicks are killed each year in Germany. Today, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig is negotiating whether the practice is banned or not. Knowledge editor Sven Stockrahm explains what exactly is involved in the legal dispute, how the practice is compatible with the state objective of animal protection in the Basic Law – and on which alternatives to so-called chick chiseling is being worked on.

And otherwise? How does wine taste at the bottom of Lake Constance?

Collaboration: Alena Chamber

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