How is sunstroke diagnosed? What causes nosebleeds in the heat? What is good for insect bites?

Although the summer season comes with all its beauties, the fact that we spend more time in nature and at the sea due to the increase in air temperatures and the opening of the holiday season brings with it some dangers. In the summer, sunstroke, insect bites, drowning and nosebleeds are among the most common problems. Especially children, the elderly, those with chronic diseases and pregnant women are at higher risk due to the more sensitive immune systems and body fluid-electrolyte balances! Emergency Department Responsible Physician Dr. Rıdvan Acar drew attention to the vital importance of providing first aid correctly in these problems, which are frequently encountered in the summer season, “First aid applications can save lives when applied consciously until the health personnel arrive. For example, in drowning, if basic life support is provided by trained personnel, the person is likely to be saved. Or, a mistake we make, such as sucking the bite while applying first aid in snake bites, can cause fatal harm to us and the patient. says. Dr. Rıdvan Acar talked about what to do in the summer months; made important suggestions and warnings!

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