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Boban Simic is a 40-year-old bouncer who became quite famous first in Chicago and then around the world for his unusual eating habits. The man has in fact been successful with the videos in which eat raw meat and drinks breast milk and ex-girlfriends vaginal secretions in addition to yogurt.

Four years ago Simic started this “diet“Frightening with the aim of becoming”more alpha and aggressive”: He claims he has never felt better in his life… One of the most annoying footage shows him chewing on the head of a raw lamb and taking out his eyeball and eating that too. “All I eat is raw – he said – my favorite meal is raw lamb because it has a strong flavor and is lean. Raw pork is a little bland, so I eat it once in a while. The best meal I had was a raw goat because it is very tender ”.

“I was really nervous the first time I ate raw meat – he added – but I knew he couldn’t hurt me. I wanted to be healthier and more powerful, I intend to live forever. You are told to eat cooked all your life, but it is brainwashing ”. Then later Simic also discovered the “benefits” of breast milk and vaginal secretions …

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