How it was and what look Noelia Marzol chose for the first walk with her son Donatello, after the baby’s long hospitalization – Paparazzi Magazine

Noelia Marzol He is radiant and it shows. It is that, after almost a month of hospitalization in the Otamendi Sanatorium, since their baby was born a little earlier than expected and had to stay in neonatology, they finally received a medical discharge.

And this week, days away from getting home with Donatello and her husband, Ramiro Arias placeholder image, Noelia she was encouraged for the first time to go outside to enjoy the sun, the first natural rays that both she and her son received.

“First ride. We take advantage of the sun to recharge vitamin D “wrote the actress of Sex, I lived your experience in her Instagram post, a photo where she is seen with an outfit in total black, in tune with the stroller of want.

Black leggings, a top with a plunging neckline and a bare belly (how cold!), A bow tie and sports shoes was the look that Something He chose for this special moment that he shared with his first-born son on one of the cooler afternoons of this winter preview.

“Do you have that flat belly, already? I admire you! Divine!”, “Beautiful, but are they never cold? They always look bare, it’s like famous celebrities have their own microclimate”They commented to him in his post, which was filled with hearts and messages of joy and congratulations.

“Someone was just discharged and the mother can’t take it anymore”, had expressed Marzol on the verge of tears last Tuesday, at receive the news that they already had the go-ahead of the Otamendi medical corps to go home with the newborn to enjoy this new stage.

In good time!

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