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How long do you live has probably preoccupied people for centuries. Thanks to the latest technologies and calculations based on huge amounts of data (Big Data), the question of life expectancy can now be answered more precisely than ever before. A new online calculator shows the expected age of a target person free of charge.

Researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have developed a new app that uses various medical and lifestyle factors to calculate the expected life expectancy of users.

The app predicts life expectancy

The “Mylongevity” app is based on calculations from large health databases. Characteristics such as socio-demographic status and health factors such as chronic diseases are also taken into account.

Why should you know your life expectancy?

According to the researchers, the app helps shed light on the effects of individual factors and lifestyles. Perhaps it could also motivate people to make positive changes that increase life expectancy, such as: stop smoking.

“People are interested in their life expectancy, but not just out of curiosity,” explains Professor Elena Kulinskaya, Research Director of the UEA Faculty of Computer Science. Lifespan is an important aspect of any long-term planning, and it’s especially important for people planning their financial goals and retirement strategies. The app can also help people adopt a healthy lifestyle.

How is life expectancy calculated?

The calculations are based on UK life expectancy data published by the National Statistics Office. These data were supplemented with data on cardiovascular disease and the effects of drugs such as statins. In total, data from 110,000 healthy people who were 60 years old between 1990 and 2000 were analyzed. From then on, participant information was reviewed every six months – up to 25 years.

“We identified and quantified the key factors that affect mortality and longevity,” says Kulinskaya. The choice of lifestyle, illnesses and interventions for existing underlying illnesses also play a role.

648 different risk profiles

“The results of our analysis are translated into life expectancies for 648 different risk profiles by age, gender and zip code,” reports the research director. The list of risk factors includes high blood pressure, diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders, BMI, smoking, and the personal risk of having a heart event for the next 10 years.

Calculation Limitations

The calculation of life expectancy for people aged 60 and over living in England or Wales is particularly accurate because the app’s calculations are based on data from these groups of people. For young people, life expectancy is calculated assuming that they are 60 years old and that all current demographic and health characteristics are maintained.

This is just a rating!

“It is always a calculation of the average individual life expectancy that deviates from reality in one place or another,” explains Kulinskaya. Still, the app could provide some useful food for thought. The application can also be used by general practitioners to provide more targeted guidance to patients with lifestyle changes.

Click here for the life expectancy calculator

The application can be used free of charge in an internet browser. The calculator is currently only available in English. For people outside the UK, the same factors are thought to have similar effects on life expectancy in other countries. Here is the link to the application: MyLongevity – life expectancy calculator… (v)

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