How "Macron has expelled his ability to reform"


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"Unlike the" yellow jackets "that have, perhaps confusedly, heard the technical errors of the government, the Elysée and Matignon have not seen them" (Photo: a "yellow vest" on December 3, on the side of Frontignan) . PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

tribune. Who would have thought that an economic question put an end to the apparent magic of Emmanuel Macron? For the first time, a president was elected on a specific program that was economically viable. For a year, important and rather successful reforms followed one another, others were announced. And now a little thoughtless reform is crumbling the beautiful building.

Of course, it is impossible to fight global warming without drastically reducing carbon emissions. The right solution is to discourage all carbon emission activities and then tax them. The problem is that taxes reduce purchasing power, which is not the goal. The solution, well known for a long time, does not consist in using the revenue generated to improve the budget, but to redistribute it entirely in an intelligent way.

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The first thing to do is protect the purchasing power of those who are most affected and who can not afford it. To do this, it is sufficient to redistribute part of the recipe. Their buying power so protected, they can decide to pollute less, because the essence – and more in general the energy – has become more expensive, without having the impression of being abused. It is not a matter of compensating everyone, only families whose income is tight.

As a result, there would be some revenue available, which the government should devote entirely to the fight against global warming. This could relate to public transport, particularly in low-density areas where there is no alternative to cars, or research and development to develop alternative energy sources.

A minimum of skill

This clearly is not what has been decided. The president, who had promised not to increase the tax burden, could not resist the temptation to turn a good measure into a source of revenue. The result is there, this drop has overflowed the ripped bowl. The president who promised to get France off the podium of countries where public spending and taxes are the heaviest has not, for the moment, seriously advanced in this direction. He probably lost control of his reform program.

Worse, a demagogic increase in the smic could raise unemployment of low-skilled people and increase business costs, while the fight against unemployment and the recovery of business competitiveness should be evidence of its ability to transform France.


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