How many Alzheimer’s patients are there and how much do they cost

Among neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer has a very high incidence on the Italian population. How many Alzheimer’s patients there are and how much they cost we find out in a few minutes. From a study carried out by Rotary Club Roma Capitale in Italy there are 1.2 million patients of Alzheimer. More worryingly, 700,000 people are in prospect they don’t know they are already sick. Worldwide, Alzheimer’s patients are 49 million.

Where Alzheimer’s disease is most common in Italy

IThe highest number of Alzheimer’s patients is registered in Lombardy, Lazio and Emilia Romagna. The further you go with age, the more the disease degenerates. The pathology affects between 65 and 69 years for 0.4%, 1.9% up to 74 years, 3.4% up to 79 years and 11.5% from 80 years and up.

Alzheimer’s disease affects quality of life

People with this disease, mostly women, have a transformation in their quality of life. The consequences are many: from the difficulty in personal care activities, to doing ordinary household activities to concentration dips. This last aspect has more serious consequences: the risk of incurring domestic accidents.

Future prospects

People with disease Alzheimer’s worldwide are currently 49 million. This means that in one year the cost of dementia worldwide exceeds one trillion dollars.

The Rotary Club Roma Capitale believes that for the next thirty years the figure will triple globally. The upward trend is already palpable now: in 2020 the figure will rise to 52 million compared to 49 million last year.

How much Alzheimer’s patients cost
An Alzheimer’s patient costs 71 thousand euros in Italy, including healthcare costs and indirect costs.

The economic impact of this disease in our country is gigantic: around 85 billion euros per year. A figure that is 8 times higher than the official figure for direct costs. How many Alzheimer’s patients are there and how much they cost is now in the public domain.

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