How many in the jewelers.. gold prices today, Tuesday 28-9-2021, and 21 karat records a surprise

“How much is the price of gold”, one of the questions that citizens and investors are looking for in Egypt, in order to identify the movement of the rise and fall of the yellow metal, and seize the opportunity to buy gold. Risks For factories and businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic, young people need them to give gold as a net and dowry for their sin, just as families need them to gift each other.

There is no fixed price for gold prices in Egypt, so the price of gold in Egypt is linked to the international prices of gold and the prices of an ounce of gold at the global level, and there are many factors that affect gold prices, whether the US Federal Reserve or gold prices on global stock exchanges, we present gold prices today, Tuesday 28 September in Egypt, knowing the prices of 21 karat, 24 karat, and 18 karat gold and the movement of ups and downs for each gram separately.

Gold prices today, Tuesday 28-9-2021

In the morning trading today, Tuesday, gold prices stabilized without any change at the level of bullets, in the jewelers’ shops, after the collapse in the market sector and the sudden decline amid expectations of a collapse of gold during the coming period.

Gold grams of various calibers in Egypt Gold prices today, Monday, per gram
21 karat gold prices recorded the most traded It reached 771 pounds per gram
24 karat gold prices, the highest category It reached 881 Egyptian pounds per pound
The average price per gram is 18 karat It reached 661 Egyptian pounds per gram
Lowest price per gram of 14 karat It reached 514 Egyptian pounds per gram
The price of a gram of a pound of gold Arrived 6168 pounds
Recorded gold ounce prices It reached 27,404 thousand Egyptian pounds
gold price per kilo Recorded about 881,143 thousand pounds.
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Workmanship and stamp prices today 28-9-2021

There is no fixed price for the prices of gold workmanship in Egypt, so workmanship or stamping enters to raise the prices of gold in each region separately, and from each goldsmith shop from the other. Shops accept to set a fixed percentage of workmanship and stamps, which ranges from 7 percent to 10 percent, and the factors of the law of supply and demand affect gold prices, and if the supply decreases, the price of gold increases.

For his part, Dr. Naji Farag, Advisor to the Minister of Supply for Gold Industry Affairs, expected the continued decline of gold during the coming period at the global and local levels, saying that a short-term investor can sell now, and buy after a period of decline in international prices.

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