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How many points have Liverpool for the League title? It seems the coronation will be held at the stadium man city – English Premier League 2019-2020 – Football

Or Chelsea, or everything will be decided in face-to-face match.

Liverpool in the away victory in the Premier League

Liverpool went into the match against a strong middle peasants of the “crystal Palace” with a clear understanding – you need to take all three points after a misfire in the Liverpool Derby. But the eagles suddenly strained a muscle main goalkeeper Vicente Guaita was not available ex-striker “red” Christian Benteke and the team Klopp quickly turned gloomy the EPL matches in pool party.

English Premier League

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Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool – “Crystal Palace”

Photo: Twitter

More possession from Liverpool, it seems, never fell below 70%, and the “Palace” did not come from defence as follows – all were drowned in the pressure of the hosts. Therefore, in the gate of the middle so easily rolled up four goals – two in each half. First, Alexander Arnold clearly threw the wall with the standard, then Salah waited mistake van Anholt, Fabinho powerfully punched from afar, and mana ran one on one and lifted her “Palace” on the gallows.

The London club looked incredibly weak – three shots, zero on target, almost a threefold delay in transmission and 71% of accurate passes (average, the worst team in the EPL gives for this indicator, 69%, penultimate and 71.6%). It’s amazing how firm the 72-year-old Roy Hodgson is still going on the ninth place in the Premier League.

So how many points have Liverpool for the League title?

Roberto Firmino, Liverpool Manchester city, 2019

Photo: Getty Images

Before the restart all remember that for the title Liverpool need to score six points. After a draw in the first round podkarantinnoy with Everton in the task Klopp has shrunk to five points. It quickly became clear that Jurgen and fulfilled it 60% now the trophy remained just two points. How and when to get them?

You can wait for these scores will lose Manchester city. Josep Guardiola on Thursday, June 25, at away meets Chelsea. In case of a tie or the defeat at city will not even have a theoretical chance to catch up with Liverpool – all at Anfield open the champagne and celebrate a first Premier League title in history. If the citizens quietly or accidentally win “blue”, the chances still remain.

Then everything will be decided on July 2 in the 32nd round. And this is the most exciting sign of output and the most beautiful plot of the season because Manchester city and Liverpool will play each other. Win and even a draw on “Etihad” immediately crowns Liverpool and turn the rest of the championship in the holiday tour Klopp, Henderson, Salah and their friends.

But if Guardiola will take two of the match, when Liverpool will be the champion?

If “city” will rest at the home arena, here is a list of potential targets “red”, which will have the gut to guarantee the Premier League trophy:

July 5, Aston Villa (home);

July 8, Brighton (away);

July 11, “Burnley” (at home).

Do not present a full calendar of Liverpool, because Manchester would take a long time to stay in this race.

And a couple more records that can beat “red”

Mohamed Salah and Sadio mane, “Liverpool”

Photo: Getty Images

In addition to possible coronation in the court of the current rulers “Liverpool” is preparing to deprive the city some more achievements. First and foremost is the maximum number of points. Manchester city in the Premier League-2017/18 scored 100 points. Now the Reds are schedule to score 107 points.

Second, the maximum difference between the champion and Vice-champion. In the same season-2017/18 Guardiola ahead of all on 19 points. Now the advantage of Klopp – 20, in case of victory in all matches, it will rise to at least 23 (remember, in the next round head to match “city” and “Liverpool”), but if Manchester United will lose points at the end of the championship, the record will be quite indecent.

And “red” go to the achievement for wins in the Premier League – the citizens have -2017/18 they have accumulated 32, the leaders of this season took 28 matches. So for the new epoch-making events only need to win five of the remaining seven meetings.

But first things first – rooting for Chelsea on Thursday or to mobilize all forces to head to heads on “Etihad”. In any case, we will not be left disappointed either Liverpool take home the national title for the first time in 30 years, or Manchester city will give season best and at the same time the title race in our lives.

“Liverpool” – “Crystal Palace” – 4:0

Mirror: city will arrange to Liverpool in the champion’s hall if “red” will take the title to intramural match

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