How many times Anastasia Makeeva got married


The 37-year-old actress Anastasia Makeeva officially announced on Instagram to her subscribers that she was married. And he also wrote that it happened in November.

You can not hide anything from you! But, to avoid speculation and contradictory messages, I officially declare: the ring on my ring finger is not quite like that. Yes, I got married! For a good man! And today I'm happy! Be happy for me without questions! When? In November– writes Anastasia.

Because of Anastasia Makeeva is the third official marriage. The first elected of the actress was a colleague Peter Kislov, and the second spouse was the actor and singer Gleb Matveychuk.

Previously Channel Five explained why Anastasia Makeeva the role of spectacular women is particularly successful, because sometimes it is not worth fighting for marriage and how a good bath helps us survive the divorce.



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