How Many Times Can a Caesarean Operation Be Performed? Let’s Find Out Moms

KARANGANYARNEWS How Many Times Can a Caesarean Operation Be Performed? Let’s Find Out Moms. Towards delivery, Moms are sometimes faced with the choice of a caesarean section because the body’s condition does not allow for a normal delivery. Yes, a cesarean section may not be in your plans, considering that this method is not without risks.

According to research, if during the delivery of the first child, a pregnant woman has undergone a caesarean section, she has a 90 percent chance of having another caesarean when giving birth to her second child.

However, the question that then arises is how many caesarean sections can be done?

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So far, there is no research that determines exactly how many times a pregnant woman can safely perform a caesarean section.

Research results only state that caesarean section is more risky when it is done repeatedly.

Some experts say there is an increased risk after a third cesarean section.

Some of the risks that Moms need to be aware of include problems with the placenta, excessive bleeding, scars/scar tissue, and intestinal and bladder injuries. Here’s the description.

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