How Margarita Gracheva lives, with whom her husband has cut his hands

Margarita Gracheva, mother of two sons of Serpukhov, who her husband cut off her hands, told how she lives 10 months after the tragedy and what happened to her ex-husband.

On December 11th last year, Dmitry Grachev offered his wife to take her to work, but instead took him to the forest, where he clapped his hands for an hour and a half.

The doctors managed to form a stump from one hand and the surgeons sewed the second hand piece by piece in 9 hours, and managed to keep it.

According to the results of the examination, the man is recognized sane. The court officially deprived Dmitry of parental rights. Mary told her children, she said, that she had an accident, so as not to hurt the child's psyche, and that "she would have a hand like a robot". Both children now help her with everything – even dressing her mother's socks and buttoning her jacket. The girl does not worry that one day the children of her father's harmful genes will appear in her children, and she believes that much of the human character depends on education.

Now Margaret is in St. Petersburg for rehabilitation. On 3 September he had an operation in Moscow. In the 71st hospital, he was doing the extensor's fingers.

In spring, Margarita flew to Germany, where a prosthesis was specially designed for her. Now he works every day to ensure that the hand works as before, developing it with the help of electrostimulation and other procedures.

Next is a rehabilitation course for the left hand in St. Petersburg. In Germany, I made two prosthesis: a more functional, the second easier, for difficult jobs. Many thanks to all those who helped me adapt to new life! Although this is just the beginning of the road, prosthetics must get used to learning how to handle them! he said to Margaret.


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