how much does a tax manager earn

The Tax manager becomes essential in an organization, especially in a context as busy as the current one. How much do they earn and what do they do?

In Argentina, knowing about taxes is an added value that prevails over other knowledge. For this reason, specialists in this subject are always in the podium of the most demanded positions. In addition, it is a position in which experience supports its weight within the skills sought.

Almost everyone in the country is aware of the existence of taxes on Earnings, Personal Assets, Value Added, and Bank Account Credits or Debitsamong others.

But Martín Litwak, an expert in taxation and international estate planning, affirms to iProUP who may not know “that in Argentina there are other national, provincial and municipal taxes that cause a endless list of rates and that increase the values ​​of everything that is consumedimpoverishing the payers and removing all possible competitiveness from the country”.

“For example, there real estate taxesfor those who bet or carry out raffles, at exercise of liberal professionsencumbrances on structures, supports or carriers of antennas, and much more”, lists the expert.

What does a Tax manager do and how much does he charge?

For the mentioned, tax specialists they never saw their demand decrease. “They are those who carry out activities related to tax issues through the tax preparation and settlement national, provincial and municipal guarantee the payment of obligations prosecutors in a timely manner,” he points out to iProUP Alejandro Servide, director of Randstad.

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Note that these profiles “carry out tax compliance and inspection activities. They generally also provide tax advice. They play a very active role in interaction with stakeholders –company and physical– and of another type to allow tax planning and support in the company’s strategy”.

Tax managers are increasingly required due to the multiple rates that were created in recent times

Servide adds: “There is a continuous demand for personnel in the area, which has increased in the last three years, and in that same time the skills and knowledge have evolved.”

“Given the delicate situation and the economic ups and downs, tax increases, sales declines and a complex tax situation, these professionals are much in demand todayboth to work within companies and also, from specialists who are used to regular consultations“, remarked a iProUP Sebastián Maciarello, Manager of BPO and Selection of Auren.

Part of its importance is in its skills as an advisor, since it has the function of aadvising and intervening in various aspects of tax policy to act in the tax administration as well as in the private sector, interpret, advise on tax matters to private companies, the State in all its jurisdictional dimensions and government entities,” adds Maciarello.

With respect to wagesMatías M. Canónico, Sr Manager, Executive Search of – High Flow Latam, comparte con iProUP The different scales:

  • “A specialist with a regional scope, in the us5,000 per month”
  • “The remuneration range for a manager is $7,500 per month”
  • “A director is in the order of $10,000 a month”
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According to Canonico, “these salaries are usually seen more clearly in technology companiesbecause the role is born with several markets to cover”, he indicates. “In a multinational, a manager we can find it from u$s5,000 monthly, and a specialist from US$3,000. Regarding SMEsis more common than outsource in some external study”, adds Canonical.

What do companies look for in a Tax manager?

Servide highlights a fundamental point: “It is very important that professionals specialized in this area keep constantly updated given the frequent changes that occur in this type of regulation that imply an obligation for companies”

Tax managers must be constantly updated

The work of a tax manager can result in economic benefits

Therefore, Servide stresses that “their actions may result in economic benefits for the same or, at the other extreme, high costs and penalties, impacting various areas of the business. companies are looking for proactive and autonomous profileswho have excellent management of digital tools“.

“For now, we continue to see that still the senior profile prevails. The reason is that tax contingencies, the fact of avoiding major problems, either with the parent company or state agencies, makes the need to quickly cover the position with seniority to later, in a more mature phase, begin to include digital tools“, emphasizes Canonical.

For example, some technology companies are developing bots for what if download automated reports and then the team takes care of analyzing 100% of the information.

They will have to be transformed based on the technologies, data, processes and organization to respond to the great legislative and regulatory challenges. Tax knowledge is essential, but not sufficient: professionals are required who are benefit from new technologies and data analysis to manipulate large volumes of information”, says the Auren executive.

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“Using the new visualization tools and dashboards will allow view and share in real time information that was previously unavailablein order to identify expected results and benefits,” adds Maciarello.

Therefore, according to this specialist, The skills required for the position are:

  • Knowledge of mathematics and feel affinity for the numerical area
  • Responsibility and ability to make decisions
  • Soft skills, such as assertive communication, capacity for teamwork, among others
  • Verbal reasoning skills, reading and analytical comprehension and abstract reasoning
  • Proactivity and leadership and organization skills
  • Be a defender of the exercise within the legal

Servide remarks that “The main stakeholders in these profiles are the large companies and specialized consultancies in auditing, accounting, tax, finance and accounting studies, both those who work with clients globally and with local clients”.

It is one of the most sought after positions by most firms in different fields.including energy, services, mass consumption and retail, health, technology, industrial and agriculture”, he concludes.

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