How much does it cost to rent a safe to store DOLLARS

The economic uncertainty that arose last month from the untimely resignation of Martín Guzmán and that culminated in the recent arrival at the superministry of Sergio Massagoing through the ephemeral period in which Silvina Batakis was the head of Economy, had as a result a strong outflow of dollars from banks.

Savings banks began the month with a balance of US$11,673 million, of which 75% corresponded to amounts of less than one million dollars, that is, some US$8,744 million. At the end of the month, that balance had been reduced to just over $8 billionsince some US$716 million left the system throughout the system, for which the fall was of the order of 8%.

The destination of those dollars who retire are varied, but a good part of them are taken to the safe deposit boxes within the entities themselves, which again generates additional demand for a service that had already been operating near the limit of its operational capacity.

Dollars: how much does it cost to rent a safe?

According to the latest available data, the annual value of a small safe deposit box of $26,000 and can be raised up to $99,000. Whereas the largest boxes, depending on sizes and locations, can have a floor of $77,000 rising to $310,000 per year.

Although these are “list” prices, most banks offer all kinds of discounts in their product packages, especially the highest-end ones, which, depending on the case, can range between 20% and 35 percent.

Thus, for example, Banco Galicia indicated that a petty cash box costs, on average, $6,500 per quarter, while a large one pays about $28,100 for the same period. Both prices include VAT, so with these values, they annually reach $26,000 and $112,400, respectively.

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The demand for safe deposit boxes increased with the crisis

In the case of the Macro, those in charge of the sector indicated that a petty cash box costs almost $25,000 with quarterly payment, while for a large company the commission rises to 78,000 pesos, so in annual terms they range from $100,000 to 312,000 pesos.

At BBVA, meanwhile, the smallest boxes have values ​​that start at $4,200 per month ($50,500 per year) and a large one can cost $8,400, that is, $100,800 per year.

As for Santander, prices range from $44,444 per year to $77,627 per year, although the corresponding debit can be prorated monthly or quarterly.

Finally, at Banco Nación, the rate table shows a minimum of about $29,500 per year for the smallest coffers up to a maximum of around 77,600 pesos.

The odyssey of customers to rent a safe

For those people looking to rent a safe, the issue is not easy and this is not new, since it is a situation that has been dragging on for years. In fact, it is usual to find the answer that the “The only possibility that can be offered is to sign up on the waiting list“.

But there are also exceptions, depending on the location of the branch. For example, in neighborhoods relatively far from downtown it is possible to find what you are looking for, as in those branches located in Greater Buenos Aires.

The outflow of dollars from banks triggered the demand for safe deposit boxes

In general, those who know the subject maintain that the vacancy level around 20%, depending on the location. In this sense, several of the consulted entities publish on their internet pages the branches in which there is availability.

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How many dollars fit in the smallest box

Without going into an analysis of whether deposits in dollars can currently face some type of risk, what happened in the past is always present in the memory of savers and if we add to that the zero return provided by fixed terms in foreign currencythe choice of safe deposit boxes can be understood as a valid option.

Although the supply of this service is largely concentrated in banks, it has been several years since there are companies that joined this activity with differential services in terms of location, admission times, etc.

As for the service itself, the first thing to know is that there is a wide variety of sizes, ranging from the one that measures 10 x 15 x 60 to the one with the most space or “extra large”, which is 30 x 60 x 60. From the comparison it emerges that the latter is no less than twelve times larger than the other.

Returning to the smaller box, up to 250,000 dollars can fit in it, provided that the 2,500 bills are 100 dollars.

If this volume is related to the amounts withdrawn in recent weeks, Some 1,800 additional boxes would be necessary to meet the demand, which, as reported to iProfesional, is not always possible.

Regarding the question of whether what is stored in a box is safe, it is worth resorting to the Civil and Commercial Code, which entered into force on August 1, 2015, which regulated -for the first time- this service for provide certainty to depositors and financial institutions.

In effect, the Code establishes clauses that place a limit to the liability of banksadmitting that a limit can be agreed between them and the users, in order to recognize compensation for the theft of all or part of the content.

In general, specialists understand that the bank is responsible for the box, the content and the building in case of theft. In this sense, he cannot say that he is oblivious to the fact that a tunnel is made to enter from below.

It is then that it is possible for banking entities to take out insurance up to the limit of their self-established liability in the “adherence forms”, notwithstanding which, its existence does not modify their relationship with the client or the extent of their liability, but is a safeguard that entities usually take to deal with this type of event.

So, for example, in some cases coverage is up to $50,000 for the smallest coffers, while in some entities that amount extends to US$75,000.

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