How much does the Latin Grammy party in Andalusia cost and who pays?

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Invitations to parties in which the logo of the Junta de Andalucía appears, photocalls with the same emblem through which the world stars of Latin music will parade and will have a million-dollar audience throughout the planet, live mentions from the presenters of the different galas… These are some details included in the contract signed by the Andalusian Government , chaired by the popular Juanma Morenowith the organizers of the Latin Grammy Awards, which are being held these days in Seville.

The Junta de Andalucía has managed, with the help of a checkbook, to attract to Andalusian lands the great festival of Latin music that, For the first time in its more than two decades of history, it leaves the United States. To this end, it has signed a sponsorship contract with a tender amount, including VAT, which amounts to 22.748.000 euros. Of this amount, the European Union (EU) contributes 80%, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The rest, the Board.

The negotiated and public-free contract was formalized through the Public Company for the Management of Tourism and Sports in Andalusia of the Junta on May 16 and was awarded on April 20 to Comercial de SERVICIOS Audiovisuales 2007, SL This company is , since 2022, the representative in Spain of the Latin Grammy Awards, through a exclusive agreement with the Latin Recording Academy, which includes the production of musical shows. Both parties agree to submit to the “obligation of confidentiality” provided for in the Public Sector Contracts Law.

The big gala of the Latin Grammy Awards will take place this Thursday in Seville, but since October 13 they have been taking place events, concerts and parties organized by the Latin Recording Academy, with the sponsorship of the Board. The Andalusian Government has had to tread carefully so that the events in Seville do not generate unrest in the rest of the Andalusian provinces. Thus, although the epicenter of the Latin Grammy is in the capital of Seville, in Malaga and Granada the atmosphere heated up with the Latin Grammy Sessions on October 13 and November 10.

In exchange for the million-dollar contract it has signed, the Board hopes that all the celebrations organized around music will leave more than 50 million euros, through all the activity that will be generated around hotels, restaurants, bars and transport companies, to name just a few examples. More than 10,000 people are expected in the city and the Board estimates that the Andalusia tourism brand will impact more than 100 million people around the world.

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