How much is Di Maio’s party worth after the split, accelerates the collapse of the M5s: the Winpoll-Sole poll

The most evident change in the political scenario with the birth of “Together for the future”the new political entity of Luigi Di Maioaccording to the Winpoll survey for The sun 24 hours inevitably involves the M5s of Giuseppe Conte, which would be particularly damaged by the split also from an electoral point of view. Already in a negative trend, the M5s is estimated at 9.9% in the survey of the last week without the presence of Ipf, with a drop of 2.4% compared to the average of the polls of the week 12-18 June of Political Thermometer. As he explains Roberto D’Alimonte in the Confindustria newspaper, the poll tried to record two scenarios, in which the interviewees were asked what their voting intentions were in the event that Di Maio’s party was not present and in the event that it did exist. Therefore, if in the first case the M5s falls below 10%, in the second the fall reaches 6.9%. Together for Italy instead it is estimated at 4.7%.

SUN 24 HOURS | The Winpoll poll on voting intentions of 26 June

The political scientist D’Alimonte immediately makes it clear that the data on Di Maio’s party must be evaluated “with great caution”. Not only for the short time spent by the grillina splitbut also for what the recent history of the new groups born from the larger parties can teach: “We have seen in the past what happened in the case of the Alfano, Bersani and Renzi – recalls D’Alimonte – The initial estimates were promising but in all these cases the favor of the voters did not last long ». On the other hand, the other parties remain stable with the inclusion of Together for the future, in particular the Brothers of Italy which is confirmed as the first party with 25.5%, as well as the Democratic Party which loses less than one percentage point.

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