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How much would it cost to vaccine coronavirus? Director AstraZeneca da price

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Few things are as expected in the history of mankind as the vaccine against the coronavirus that to achieve the immunity to go back to the life as we knew it until a few months ago. There are recorded many projects that are currently working to forced marches to find the it heals the COVID-19but one of the most advanced is the of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

There are governments and companies that invest billions in research to find the cure the coronavirus, including The united states and the United Kingdom, where they could obtain the vaccine at a preferential price.

How much would they cost vaccine against the coronavirus?

According to Olivier Nataf, director of AstraZenecathe economic contribution of the U.S. and the United Kingdom have been key to be able to fund the studies of the cure to the COVID-19, hence, both nations have a guaranteed supply of the doses required in the future at a price which the directors of the company set forth in “two euros per dose,”.

This refers to the cost of production of each dose, that is to say, what the governments of those countries will get paid, however, it is unknown what will be the final price for the population.

What determines the price of the vaccine?

As with any other product, there are several factors that influence the determination of the cost, as may be the manufacturing process, the availability of the components, the amount of doses needed, the storage or the transportation.

It also comes into play what each government is willing to pay for the product. If you set a mechanism of purchase and distribution, organized at the international levelit is more likely that all the countries to find an advantageous price. In Europe it has been determined a negotiation continental with the pharmaceutical, as if every country launches its bid is more likely that prices will rise.



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