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Corrado Ocone

September 14, 2022

Sweden will most likely no longer have a social democratic government in a few days. Yes, the homeland of welfare, what was portrayed on the left as the land of widespread well-being and high quality of life, should be led by a center-right coalition. However it will turn out (there are still a handful of votes to say the game is over), the most surprising fact is that, with about a fifth of the votes, the party of the Democrats, which the mainstream press will continue to define as “far right”, it became the second largest party in the country thanks to Jimmie Åkesson, a forty-three-year-old leader who, like Giorgia Meloni in Italy, has given the formation a rapid transformation in the modern sense.

All in the name of a slightly Trumpian slogan, but which speaks volumes about his intentions: «Sweden must be beautiful again». His patriotic conservatism focuses heavily on the themes of identity, and therefore on the fight against illegal and uncontrolled immigration, but in a completely xenophobic perspective: in 2010 Åkesson instituted a Charter that officially bans all racism and extremism from the party. It goes without saying that the media indulge themselves in finding militants, who are often not only militants, who would organize “nostalgic” dinners or show off Nazi symbols.

It is often the same media that have wanted to paint Boris Johnson’s minority in London as a result of Brexit and the “unpresentability” of the former British party organizer in full lockdown. In truth, the internal struggle of the Tories does not at all concern the exit from the EU, which is now considered a fact and is democratically accepted by all, but the economic policy to be followed in order to restart Great Britain and exploit its potential.

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Here Johnson proved a bit shaky, failing to choose between a Thatcher-style liberal turn and a more “compassionate” one of aid and subsidies to the forgotten of globalization. Indeed, the debate on these issues is open and very heated in the party, but a leader would probably have expected a clearer position. Of course, if you go further south, there is the case of Germany, now governed by a red-green coalition. But here what is interesting to observe is that the popular people, far from the government, are increasingly moving away from progressive ideology, recovering their own liberal and conservative tradition.

Which, due to the leadership that Germany actually exercises in Europe, immediately had an effect in Brussels: in January the popular Europeans withdrew from the “Ursula majority” and, allying themselves with the right, elected one of their leaders to lead of the European Commission: the Maltese Roberta Metsola, attested to clearly conservative positions.

Process quite similar to what is underway in Spain, where the popular not only propose the recovery of traditions threatened by a “politically correct” and a relativism particularly insidious in Iberian land, but also make their own many libertarian and liberal battles , as is the case with those carried out in Madrid in full lockdown by Isabel Ayuso.

As for Vox, which is defined as a party of Francoist ancestry, it was born precisely from a split of the popular who believed that their leaders had moved too far to the left. As for Italy, the three parties that make up the center-right coalition have done nothing to hide their differences, but it is now clear to everyone that they have also managed to amalgamate them into a credible government program.

Basically, from this quick overview it is clear not only that the positive trend of the European right continues, but also the presence within it of a lively discussion on the characteristics that a conservative force must have in the new century that wants to be a credible alternative to thought. progressive. Once the left boasted of being an “open yard”, a laboratory of ideas for the future. In a historical moment in which it seems on the contrary completely closed in the self-referentiality of an ideology that leads it to repeat as a mantra empty slogans such as “inclusiveness”, “citizenship”, “sustainability”, it is nice to observe that on the right europa a vital discussion on ideas. Even if it is unfortunately constantly ignored by the media partisans that we find ourselves.

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