How Rick Grimes films affect the show "The Walking Dead"


Such as The dead man walking the universe expands into new spin-off and film shows, the enigma becomes more delicate to navigate. One of those expansions will soon come in the form of films that tell the story of Rick Grimes the day after his departure from Alexandria. As the story may eventually intersect with that of the characters on The dead man walking, the story developed by Scott Gimple does not often interfere with the narrative created by The dead man walking the showrunner Angela Kang.

"There is once in a while, there will be something connected to the universe where it is more like Scott's, & # 39; Hey, you know this idea that you guys have? This kind of tread on "Something I'm working on right now, so maybe you can change this or that aspect," Kang told

An example of how Gimple's work is having an impact The Walking DeadThe narrative has already been exposed previously in Season Nine. "And then there were some things with Rick, where it's like," Ok, Rick has to go by helicopter, "Kang explained. However, fans should not expect films in development to affect the series in important ways in the near future. "So, there are things like that that are very specific, but for the most part, the show exists in its own way, because it's like the show is based on comics," Kang said. "This is unique to The dead man walking, the show of the mother ship, and therefore it is a little our driving seat. We are not beating too much against it. "

In the time since Andrew Lincoln has gone The dead man walking and brought his character of Rick Grimes with him, AMC officially announced that there will be a trilogy of films that tell his story that has learned a little from their announcement. As cast members like Danai Gurira prepare for a Season 10 release while Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride have negotiated new agreements that allow them to travel between the different titles of the Dead universes, the future crossover between shows and films becomes greater possibility for cast members.

The films announced will tell the story of Rick over the past six years since he left the area of ​​Alexandria. However, they will not be the only films that AMC distributes based on Dead universe and its characters.

What do you want to see in the Rick Grimes movie? Want to see other characters from The dead man walking make your way through his trilogy? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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