How Saturn retrograde will influence the horoscope and the love relationships of your zodiac sign until September 2019, according to the astrology


It will all be magnificent … in the end.

On April 30, Saturn will turn into a retrograde one in Capricorn, bringing us back to old lands and balancing our karmic debt. While there may be difficult times for our zodiac signs, it is important to remind ourselves that we will eventually understand why everything had to happen the way it happened.

In astrology, we see only a retrograde Saturn about once every 12 months and lasts about four and a half months. This is the time to slow down, to make sure you are in the right direction and that we are doing something for the right reasons.

Saturn is the father of the zodiac, and sometimes it is also considered as Father Time while it governs karma and the divine time at stake in our lives. He is a meticulous father who wants to make sure that we do things correctly, take our time, not cut corners and that we are aware of the limits of our lives. These boundaries include not only those in our professional lives but also in our staff.

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Saturn does not want us to take advantage of it. Moreover, he does not want there to be an imbalance in our lives. So, during Saturn in retrograde, we are asked to slow down, to look before we cross, and to be sure to focus on what we intend to do.

It seems that we consider negative or positive karma and even fear it to a certain extent. We have all heard someone say that "Karma is a b ****", but the reality is that it is not; it's not good and it's not bad, it's just the currency of energy.

Karma is something that we must be aware of balancing, which is what our karmic debt refers to. Saturn rules karma, which means that this planetary father governs the exchange of energy between what we send and what we receive.

This is not one of the favorite transits or favorite planets of many people, and it is because it is often seen as hard, merciless or even difficult. But again, we put our energy exchange as the fault of an astrological transit that is only balancing what we have already established as our frequency.

Whether this is energetically or even physically in our lives, for most of us, we only understand how we want to be loved, what kind of work we want and how we want our lives to look from the fact that it is not like that Once. So in Saturn sweeps.

Over the next four months, we will encounter many lessons in our lives, many moments where we can choose to stay on the same energy frequency or update, and where we will start making decisions that will help manifest that new life.

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Saturn alone is a force to be reckoned with, but in Capricorn, another strong energy of the male father is even more amplified. Capricorn is the mountain goat, slowly but carefully trudging up the mountain one step at a time. He is not in a hurry, he does not worry when he reaches the summit, he will concentrate only on each step in front of him.

While Saturn in Capricorn generally speaks of the foundation we are creating, the beginning of a new relationship, or the dynamics in a new work, having the planet retrograde during this transit is pointing us in the direction of assessing what we have already established.

This retrograde is not about turning back on old ground, because it is also a transit that we like to seize opportunities in front of us. It takes a chance to say yes when we said no earlier, but we need to make sure that all of our past is taken care of before we go ahead and, of course, that we have balanced our karma.

While Saturn's retrogrades are a positive aspect for us, if we have sent lower energy exchanges, this could be the time when the tables are turned.

If we were less honest, we could see someone close to us doing the same with us. If we take people for granted or avoid responsibility, we will have the chance to see how it feels.

But not all storm clouds and sad faces. For many, perhaps even for most of us, those who try to do the right thing when it is not easy, those who forgive, those who give understanding and work hard, these coming months will keep their blessings. And once directed on September 18th, we will see the great reward of why things went as they did.

We will understand why it seemed that things were simply sucked for a while. So, even if we feel in difficulty in the coming months, it is important to continue.

We will all meet difficult times, but we can never escape from them, because they are necessary and part of life. And then, it will all be magnificent one day, perhaps even sooner than we think.

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