Health How the cardiovascular patient should be unconfident

How the cardiovascular patient should be unconfident

As a country, the lack of confinement of the quarantine has begun in a slow way, we reinsert ourselves into daily life, without even completely disappearing the positive cases of COVID-19, so I see myself in the initiative of alerting or remembering that cardiovascular patients , with respiratory pathologies, patients over 60 years of age, diabetics or other disease that may have low immunity and predisposition to contract the virus and evolve to greater complications, which must be especially careful and protect protocol.

The correct thing is to all take care of ourselves, with the appropriate mandate described by the World Health Organization and by the Ministry of Public Health or National Health Service, cardiovascular patients alike should take into account that if they require medical assistance, do not postpone, because this can bring acute events or decompensations, and even deaths.

If you have the need to go to emergencies or outpatient consultations, you can, with the due protection protocol, go for help, previously communicating with your health professionals.

We emphasize not minimizing or postponing symptoms or small events, or being afraid to go to a consultation or emergency.

Work on losing the fear of returning to daily life, but preserving meritorious care or decisions that may put your health at risk.

Pending symptoms, such as chest pain, fatigue, unexplained sweating, palpitations, uncontrolled blood pressure, dizziness, loss of consciousness for seconds, etc.

Before finalizing preset drug doses for your cardiovascular-based disease, contact your doctor to resume the prescription or prescription.

The coronavirus pandemic has not emerged from the Dominican Republic, so I invite you to continue taking care of yourself and yours and respect the established rules.



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