News How the Covid-19 outbreak originated at the Italian Hospital...

How the Covid-19 outbreak originated at the Italian Hospital – News

A report by the Córdoba Ministry of Health published on Monday describes in detail the evolution of the coronavirus outbreak at the Hospital Italiano, the focus of infection in the city of Córdoba, which has already registered 104 cases and eight deaths.

The documentary reveals that both the nurses assigned to the clean areas, doctors, stretcher-bearers and cleaning staff, “circulated on all floors of the hospital and it was very difficult to determine the circulation areas.” It is important to note that the 1st and 5th floors were assigned to the Coronary Unit areas (not Covid-19).

“In the interrogation of the nurses who worked with patients in whom Covid-19 was not suspected, they ratified the use of surgical mask, but the use of gloves was only for hygiene, and vital signs were taken without gloves “adds the report.

Chronology of the outbreak

On April 20, after the confirmation of a positive case of Covid-19 in a guard of the Italian Hospital, the epidemiological investigation begins in search of the link that could originate this case.

This is a security guard who circulates through all the floors of the hospital, which is why the Infectologist of the Italian Hospital is asked to carry out the corresponding investigation, in order to study their close contacts.

10 close contacts were detected, four of them work colleagues, five family contacts and a traveling friend from Brazil. All were negative for Covid-19.

On April 25, a second case was identified within the institution, corresponding to a nurse who was treating patients confirmed for Covid-19 and had no relationship with the guard.

The investigation of 16 contacts is carried out, one of them being positive. This contact is a relative of the nurse. For this reason, it begins to intervene and supervise surveillance and control activities within the institution.

On April 29, a third case was confirmed, corresponding to another nurse, who worked on the first and fifth floors of the institution (floors not Covid-19). 24 people were identified from the active search for contacts, of whom four were positive (one nurse, one cleaning staff and two patients).

When identifying these two cases and searching his contacts, another patient is suspected of having shared a room with the previous ones. He had been admitted on April 14 due to intestinal occlusion and on April 20 he was diagnosed with CT pneumonia, without suspecting Covid-19, so he was referred to the UCO (clean area) on April 23.

On April 30, when the other two inpatient cases are confirmed, the last swab is indicated. That same night, the provincial government declared quarantine at the Italian Hospital.

On May 11, the Ministry of Health decided to transfer the people who were hospitalized in the Italian Hospital and indicated that all the personnel who were working begin a strict quarantine.

The transfers were carried out in stages and, until May 16, of the 51 people admitted, 20 still remain in the institution, two were transferred to the San Roque Hospital, 24 to the Rawson Hospital, three were discharged and two died (one with confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19).



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