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How the eventual health fence in Porto became a problem that nobody wants to have in their hands – Observer

Also the president of the District Federation of PS / Porto and councilor in the Porto Chamber, Manuel Pizarro, criticizes the position of the DGS and considers it “Unhappy and completely unreasonable”. “The idea of ​​creating a medieval siege on the city reveals a total ignorance of the region’s life. At São João Hospital alone, three quarters of the professionals come from outside Porto and a significant percentage from outside the Metropolitan Area. This, in itself, reveals that this alleged siege suggested by the DGS would create many more problems than assist in the effort against the spread of the virus”, Warned Manuel Pizarro, speaking to Lusa.

For the MEP, who recently joined the Hospital de São João clinical team as a doctor, “the city of Porto works, in relation to several essential services, with such interdependence between neighboring municipalities, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Porto and the region that this siege is a practical impossibility ”.

Pizarro thus joins Rui Moreira’s “statements of indignation”, adding that the DGS is concerned with “an absurd centralist view”. “As soon as the numbers show a significant increase in cases diagnosed in Porto”, it is necessary to “reflect on this reality”. However, the socialist councilor admits that at this moment, “We don’t even know if the increase in cases is not just the result of doing well what is recommended, that is, testing everyone”.

A theory also defended by Bebiana Cunha, deputy of the PAN in the Municipal Assembly of Porto, who considers the increase in the number of people infected by Covid-19 in the city to have a “significant correlation” with the investment that the city council made in screening and in screening tests. “It is normal that the results are superior and correspond more to reality”, admitted the deputy in a video sent to newsrooms.

Bebiana Cunha also wants to know “what freedoms and guarantees” this possible health fence implies and in what geographic areas of the district it will be destined. “It is necessary to understand the reason for this measure at this very moment, it is not at all noticeable, since the virus is already spread throughout the national territory ”.

To Rádio Observador, the president of the National Association of Public Health Doctors Ricardo Mexia, says that in the “current context, with the virus spread by the community, it is difficult to understand the reach of the sanitary fence“.

For Ricardo Mexia “the issue is complex and has several implications”. “Bearing in mind that outside the place where there is apparently a higher incidence of the disease, we already have many cases, the advantages and resources needed to implement this measure will have to be considered”, since the role of a sanitary cord is precisely to avoid cases of disease to go to other regions.

As Marco Martins, president of the District Civil Protection Commission of Porto, defends, the president of the National Association of Public Health Doctors stresses that it is essential for people to follow the instructions to stay at home, believing that only then will the virus dissipate.

The president of the Commercial Association of Porto, Nuno Botelho, believes that introducing a sanitary fence to the city of Porto would be to promote the “general shutdown of the region”. “With this siege [sanitário] if confirmed, we will in fact have a general shutdown of this region that we condemn all titles, ”he told Lusa.

Thus, the Porto Commercial Association is “absolutely” opposed to this scenario. “We think it is an exaggeration, we think it is not justified, we think it reveals ignorance of the situation on the ground. People are accepting social isolation, protection at home. (…) Regardless of the number of people infected, which is large, and which we all regret, but we think that the isolation that is taking place at this moment justifies the maintenance of the measures taken ”, describes Nuno Botelho.

The president of the Commercial Association of Porto regretted, on the other hand, that the measure is being considered “without knowledge of the local political bodies”, which “were neither taken nor found”. “We find everything to be regrettable. The economy also has to have its space, first of all health is of course, but we cannot further drown the economy of this region of Porto and neighboring counties, cutting access suddenly and unexpectedly, and therefore , this is a measure against which we have to speak out. ”

Nuno Botelho also recalls that the possibility of isolating the city is a as it goes against António Costa’s statements last week, who was “very concerned with the economy and that there were sectors that had to continue working”.


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