News How the quarantine will continue after Monday

How the quarantine will continue after Monday

The coincidences for coordination in the management of the health crisis between both administrations occurred during a meeting led by the President. Alberto Fernández, who summoned the Buenos Aires governor to the Olivos Residence, Axel Kicillof; and the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta; to analyze the evolution of the quarantine arranged by the pandemic.

Among the main measures to be implemented since Monday, agreements were agreed to control the use of public transport and strengthen assistance in vulnerable neighborhoods.

Further, Both Kicillof and Rodríguez Larreta will receive assistance from the Nation to reinforce the test plan and sanitary measures in the emergency neighborhoods of the metropolitan area.

Although the fine print of the measures will be known this weekend, One of the possibilities analyzed to contain the peak of contagion in the metropolitan area is to re-decree the closure of shops in the Federal Capital starting next Monday, but with the continuation of one-hour family outings on weekends according to the DNI termination.

In this frame, the head of the Buenos Aires government was willing to back down with attention to the public in shops of the Federal Capital if the curve continues to rise.

Something in which the Nation, Province and City agreed was the implementation of a logistics plan for trains and buses with controls, especially in the stations of Roca and El Sarmiento to make less people travel from the province to the City. This scheme would be coordinated by the Minister of Transportation, Mario Meoni.

The President also offered help from the national government to make the testing and diagnosis of coronaviruses faster and more efficient in the popular neighborhoods of the metropolitan area.

Meanwhile, in the interior of the country, each province and municipality analyze the possible opening of activities.

Within this framework, the governments of Salta and Mendoza announced that they will authorize family gatherings on weekends and holidays, with a maximum of 10 people, in the framework of the social isolation imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. The measure will apply to those who have direct ties such as parents, children and siblings, with time restrictions, and it was also explained that in both provinces those who do not comply with the regulations will be subject to fines. In Jujuy, for its part, sports activities will be enabled.



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