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In reviewing his brutal criminal career, "Chupeta" referred with disturbing frankness that once killed an enemy giving him a bullet in the face one meter away; who ordered the execution of an operator, his wife and his son in New York; that killed a couple of women; and that he did not hesitate to take revenge on a traitor kill "36 members of his family and to close the members. "

Before the witness of the bloodthirsty Ramírez Abadía obscured the same Guzmán, another lord of the drug, Jesus & # 39; El Rey & # 39; Zambada, brother of & # 39; El Mayo & # 39 ;, One of the current leaders of the Sinaloa cartel had already left the jury speechless. Without being surprised, he told the shootings at a Jalisco nightclub where six people lost their lives, filming a Juarez cartel leader who did not want to shake hands with "El Chapo" and the ferocious attack on a lieutenant of the Beltrán Leyva brothers.

In that case, he said 'The King'; in court, a hitman told him "that he was riddled with bullets, which (due to the number of shots) his head had been cut off and that had been suspended for a while.

"We have the right to review these bad actions"

Despite Judge Brian Cogan's attempts to avoid disturbing descriptions, the trial against the world's most powerful drug dealer has become a chilling tale of brutal killings and The worst has not yet been heard. The prosecutors anticipated the beginning of this criminal proceeding that would have shown the jury how Guzmán had enjoyed torturing and annihilating their rivals with a gold rifle and his diamond-inlaid pistol.

Judge Cogan, in fact, prevented this week from knowing the explicit details of the crimes of "Chupeta" when the defense asked him to do so. The lawyer William Purpura tried to downplay the credibility of an inexorable hit man who tries to reduce his punishment by collaborating with the authorities.

"I do not understand the relevance", commented the magistrate, according to the New York Times, during the Purpura interrogation. "Let's see if it's not necessary to talk about 150 murders," he suggested.

Before the trial began, Cogan had warned him that he would not allow him to spend so much time talking about the killings against "El Chapo", accused only of drug trafficking, money laundering and use of firearms. "This is a drug case," the magistrate underlined in October.

Key moments of & # 39; El Chapo & # 39; Guzmán: apogee, fall, extradition and proof (PHOTO)


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But, in the end, such a decision played against the defense, which criticized the fact that by not allowing it to investigate crimes it prevents the jury from showing what kind of person he is talking against his client.

"The murder is an infamous deed and the infamous deeds go directly to the heart of the credibility of someone ", said Purpura in reference to Ramírez Abadía, who was the leader of the Colombian cartel of Norte del Valle until his capture in Brazil in 2007. "We have the right to review all these bad actions to show what kind of character this is, "he added.

The lawyers of "El Chapo" were the ones most interested in learning about the crimes of "Chupeta", who during the interrogation said they had paid between $ 35,000 and almost $ 340,000 to form his long list of murders. The most expensive was directed to an ex-partner's brother and used a killer commando.

"You lied, corrupted, killed, manipulated to get where it arrived? "Ramírez Abadía, the defense lawyer asked him, his third and last day as a witness to the trial." Everything is correct, sir, "the South American chief replied serenely.

The crimes that have not yet been exposed

During four weeks of judicial proceedings against Guzmán of "El Chapo", several killing of rivals from the Sinaloa cartel, associates, relatives of drug traffickers, police informants, government officials and others have been described. death due to an alleged error committed by a Mexican cardinal, Juan Jesús Posadas Ocampo.

There is still a good deal of this narco-show: it is expected that an unidentified witness will tell the court how the Sinaloan mobster has personally performed two members of the Los Zetas cartel in 2006.

In that case, a note from the Prosecutor's Office points out that "El Chapo" took advantage of a break after eating to send members of that criminal group to be beaten, who then killed with a coup de grace. He did it by "shooting the two with a long gun", according to the report.

So, presumably, "he ordered his workers to dig a hole, ignite the hole and he throws the bodies to burn them and then bury them. "

In another section of the memorandum it is said that in 2001, when the head of Sinaloa was at war with the Gulf and Los Zetas cartels, he ordered his assassins kidnap and torture any rival they might find. Several times they have brought men "forced and defenseless" to be questioned.

Part of the evidence against the narco of Sinaloa is the testimony of a collaborator of the authorities who claims to be in a house specially equipped to assassinate traitors and enemies.

"The house had plastic sheets on the walls to take the blood jets and a drain into the ground to facilitate drainage of blood, "assure court documents.

The cases of these alleged victims of "El Chapo" have not yet been exposed in the process: "Treasury" Salazar; Juan Ledezma; Amadeo Vega, aka "El Caimán"; Juan Guzmán, nicknamed "Juancho"; José Bastidas, aka "El Güero Bastidas"; Leopoldo Ochoa; Héctor Ríos; Manuel Aponte; & # 39; Engineer & # 39; Barrozo; Francisco Aceves and Cristóbal Muro.

The keys to the & # 39; El Chapo & # 39; process Guzmán (photo)


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