How to activate the multi-window mode in the Galaxy with Android 9 Pie



Written by Alberto R. Aguiar

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus or have a Galaxy Note 9 already being updated in Europe Android cake 9or, in short, you have a terminal Samsung which has in stable or beta version the latest operating system of Google, maybe you are disoriented in some respects. One of these is how to activate multiventan mode or the popup windows. Do not worry The option has not been lost. This is how it is done.

Android 9 Pie comes with an UI, Samsung's new level, and some things have changed

If you have already made the switch to Android 9 Pie with a Samsung terminal, you will experience the changes made to Samsung Experience, the level so far used by Android in the terminals of the Korean company and One UI. A UI has been released in its 1.0 version in the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus who have already received the stable version on the eve of Christmas Eve, and from this Friday and adhering to their roadmap is also coming a stable version of the Galaxy Note 9 in regions such as Germany.

An UI is the new level of Android and comes in its 1.0 version to the devices of this operating system that Samsung signs. In addition to introducing new features of foot or suitable for this new level, like adaptive battery, night mode, improvements to the camera or to the famous gestural navigation systemThe sure thing is that maybe you've lost some routines along the way you already used to doing.

However, they were not lost: only the way to access them has changed. One of these examples is the multi-window mode or pop-up for applications. If you want to work on a Doc while watching a series of Netflix or keep active the Pokémon Go while consulting chirping or Reddit, do not worry, with your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus or Note 9 and with Android 9 Pie you can do it.

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How to activate multi-window or pop-up windows for apps in a single user interface with Android 9 Pie

What you need to do is open the card recent applications (Right-click the Start button on the navigation buttons on your terminal) and hold your finger on the app you've recently opened. Then a drop-down context menu will open with the option to open the pop-up window or open it in multi-window mode.

This was detailed by SamMobile's companions who have already been able to fully test the new Samsung interface in the latest versions.


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