How to Apply for LPDP 2022 Scholarship Phase 2, Open 4 July


The Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) through the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) will open registration LPDP 2022 scholarship stage 2, Monday (4/7/2022). This scholarship consists of three schemes, namely Affirmation, General, and Targeted.

Launching the Ministry of Finance’s LPDP website, Saturday (2/7/2022), the LPDP scholarship is open to the best Indonesian children who will continue their education at the Masters or Doctoral level both at home and abroad.

This year, registration is open in two stages. Participants who apply for stage 1 scholarships are scheduled to attend lectures no later than August 2022, while stage 2 applicants are scheduled to attend lectures no later than January 2023.

LPDP 2022 Scholarship Types

The LPDP 2022 scholarship consists of three schemes, namely Affirmation, General, and Targeted. Here are the full types:

1. Affirmation Scholarship

  • Papuan Children Scholarship 2022
  • Affirmation Area Scholarship
  • Scholars for disabilities
  • Underprivileged Scholarship

2. General Scholarship

  • Domestic and Foreign Masters/S3 Scholarships
  • World Major College Scholarships (PTUD)

3. Targeted Scholarships

  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship
  • PNS, TNI, and POLRI Scholarships

How to Apply for LPDP 2022 Scholarship Phase 2

Registration LPDP 2022 scholarship stage 2 can be done online through the page Here’s the full way.

  • Open the LPDP Scholarship Registration site at and select the Click to Register menu according to the desired scholarship scheme.
  • Complete and upload all required documents in the registration application.
  • Make sure to submit the registration application to get the registration/registration code.
  • Ensure that supporting documents such as Recommendation Letters, Certificates or the like are made/issued in 2022 (detailed information regarding documents can be found in the booklet or guidebook for each program).
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LPDP 2022 Scholarship Registration Schedule Phase 2

  • Scholarship application: 4 July-5 August 2022
  • Administration selection: 8-19 August 2022
  • Announcement of administrative selection results: August 22, 2022
  • Scholastic talent selection: 29 August-10 September 2022
  • Announcement of scholastic talent selection results: 15 Semester 2022
  • Substance selection: 26 September-4 November 2022
  • Announcement of substance selection results: 11 November 2022

Selection process LPDP 2022 scholarship This will be done in accordance with government policies related to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the provisions of the LPDP, selection can be made online or offline or a combination of both (hybrid).

Thus, when filling out the registration application, participants must choose the city/location selection provided by the LPDP. Happy registering!

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