How to avoid falling damage with the new Flintlock Gun on Fortnite? |


Epic Games made it clear that the Flintlock Gun was unlike any other gun in the Battle Royale game mode since its first news announcement – while fans warn: "a faithful gun with a lot of sense!"

However, they didn't know that the developers would add a gun in the v8.11 patch that could re-populate the players after pulling the trigger.

Epic games

Even the way it works seems to be pretty simple. According to the user of Reddit, Moekhdaier, who published a video showing that the shots, when directed at the ground, can be an effective option in the event of a fall.

The clip above shows a technique that allows players to avoid death in the event of a fall. It remains to be seen whether or not it was an intentional tool to differentiate the gun from other weapons, but it could also be a bug.


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