How to change the hero voice (voice-over) in Indonesian in Mobile Legends

KONTAN.CO.ID – Voice-Over Indonesian is finally available in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. You can hear the sound hero (voice-over) Mobile Legends in Indonesian, how do I change it?

Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one that is selling well in the country. Because of its popularity, Mobile Legends is often played by various groups.

Starting from children who are still in school to adults with various types of work, they are familiar with this one game. With the development of Mobile Legends in Indonesia, Moonton added voice-over Indonesian.

If you are used to hearing voices hero Mobile Legends speaks English or other languages, now you can listen to the voices of the people hero with Indonesian.

As shared via MLBB Indonesia’s social media accounts, they announced the addition Voice-Over Indonesian. In the announcement it was said that Voice-Over Indonesian is here.

In trailer that is shared there are several votes hero which is very interesting in Voice-Over Indonesian. The most interesting is Gatotkaca, hero it says “Muscle wire, bone iron”.

These are the words that Gatotkaca nicknamed him with all the strength he has. Even in Mobile Legends, he has role Tanker which incidentally is hard and can withstand the opponent’s attack.

Interestingly, Gatotkaca also said words that had gone viral a few years ago. In Voice-Over In Indonesian, Gatotkaca pronounces “Om telolet om”, this sounds funny, but Moonton in ML actually added the word fragment.

There are still many cool words that are said by the people hero Mobile Legends in Indonesian. If you are curious, you can watch the video below.

Voice-Over Bahasa Indonesia Akan Segera Hadir! | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Do you want to replace voice-over Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Indonesian? Check out the steps below.

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How to change voice-over

  • Open Mobile Legends on your cellphone
  • Enter the settings, the settings button is located in the top right corner, to the left of the wi-fi signal
  • Enter the settings menu, tap “Language”
  • After that point to Voice, check “Indonesian” to change voice-over
  • Wait for the process download finished, after that restart or reopen Mobile Legends
  • Happy playing MLBB with voice-over Indonesian, listen to voices hero your favorite with Indonesian.

How? Easy right? Is the sound hero your favorite so cool with Indonesian?




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