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the cursor, in desktop operating systems –no, it’s not exclusive to Windows- It serves for know the position mouse on the screen. And even though Microsoft has modified this chart over the years, it has always followed The same design scheme based on a white arrow and a black outline. Change the mouse cursor It makes no sense at all, nor does it offer us any advantage, but it serves customization of our team in a simple way.

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Although it is a feature that few users know, it can be change the mouse cursor in Windows 10 and in previous versions of the operating system; in fact, not only can you change the designbut you can too change its size if, for example, we find it difficult to see it on the screen for any reason. And all this is done, in computers with Windows 10, from the menu the configuration, in the section accessibility. When you log in here, in the left sidebar we will find out that the second option, in the & # 39; Vision & # 39; section, is to Cursor and pointer size This is where we need to access.

This way you can change the mouse cursor design in Windows 10 or change its size if you’re having trouble seeing it

Here, the options we’re going to find allow us changes the thickness of the cursor, as well as modify the size and color of the mouse pointer. Now, if what we want is change the pointer design in Windows 10, so we will have to go to the section mouse, again in the left sidebar a little lower. Here we click on “Change other mouse options” and then, on the right, in “Additional mouse options”. Now, in the context menu that appears, we will have to move Pointers.

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Within this section we have two possibilities. The first is change the scheme of Windows 10 pointers so that yours design in all states. Or, a little further down, edit the sections inside personalize choose a design for each of the Windows 10 pointers. If we want to choose a custom design, it would be sufficient to select the option to examineand choose a image pointer that we can get even in Google Images.

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