Technology How to Clean iPhone and Prevent Scratching

How to Clean iPhone and Prevent Scratching

A cloth and water: the best way to clean your iPhone

There is dirt on the iPhone that se can cause glass abrasion but that can be removed if you keep the mobile in good condition. This happens especially when you carry your mobile for a long time in your pants pocket or in a bag. In any case, you should always avoid using any abrasive product to clean the iPhone.

From Apple previously recommend remove all cables that you have connected such as the charger. It is also quite important turn it off completely Since in this way you will avoid false keystrokes on the iPhone screen. In the end, if you press the screen without any control, you can end up making unnecessary calls or entering the unlock code many times in the wrong way. This will eventually cause the device to crash. Obviously, whenever the iPhone comes into contact with anything that can cause stains or abrasions, a thorough cleaning must be carried out at the time. For example, interaction with dirt, sand, ink, makeup, soap, detergent, acids, or acidic foods should be removed instantly.

Once you’ve unplugged the device and it’s turned off, you should use a soft, lint-free cloth that is slightly damp. We are talking about microfiber cloths that do not leave any type of residue on the surface. It is important that it does not have excess liquid and that it is only slightly damp. If there is enough intensity you can always use warm soapy water. It is known by all that water is not a very good friend of connectors and that is why it is necessary to prevent moisture from entering through the connections. And as a last consideration, you cannot use cleaning products or compressed air through the connections. In the case that you have an iPhone with a glass back like the iPhone XS, the use of soaps should be avoided.

Protect the oleophobic layer

From the iPhone 8 onwards, Apple includes an oleophobic coating on both the front and the back. This coating wears out over time due to the use it is given. Its main function is to repel grease and finger marks that may remain when it is used. In order to prevent wear and tear and protect the oleophobic cover The use of abrasive materials should be avoided as they can scratch the iPhone. That is why you should always avoid using a detergent or bleach or even putting cologne on it as it will end up scratching the device even though you think it is being disinfected.

Special cleaning products for iPhone

In case you want to always carry a cleaning system with you, there are special Sprays that are used even by Apple employees in official stores. Specifically we are talking about Spray WHOOSH! which is a powerful cleaner that is designed to clean and protect screens. This restores the shine to the device and prevents dirt build-up. As we have commented previously, no type of abrasive product should be used. That is why this Spray does not have between its composition of alcohol or ammonia, being totally odorless and ecological.

Using this product creates an invisible, anti-static coating that can repel dust, smudges, and fingerprints in the future. This product includes two 1000 ml and 8 ml spray cans as well as 2 microfiber cloths. These are ideal to be able to clean the device as we have commented previously. There is a wide range of cloths that can be purchased to moisten at any faucet and clean the iPhone to make it sparkle.

Using any other cloth to clean your iPhone can cause scratches. It may be common to do this process with a shirt, a towel or another type of cloth. The relief that will eventually cause the chassis or screen to burn out.


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