How to configure the mobile for emergency situations


The ‘smartphones‘They can have many advantages in society and, among other things, if we configure it properly, it can evensave our lives.

When a person is in a fire, a car accident or a flood, mobile phones allow us to quickly contact emergency teams.

Smartphones are the “easiest and fastest tool for emergency alertswhen we find ourselves in dangerous situations, “according to Librephoní in a statement sent to Europa Press.

However, these functions that allow us to notify emergency teams are not configured in the same way on all ‘smartphones’.

Users with devices from the surocrean companySamsungmustpress the power button three times to send an SOS message, but first they must activate this function.

To do this, users must open the ‘Settings’ panel and select ‘Advanced options’. Once inside they must press ‘Send SOS messages’ and then add a trusted recipient.

As for the brand phonesXiaomiwith the operating systemMIUI 10or higher, this function can be activated in the ‘Settings’ section, where the user must select ‘Emergency SOS’.

In this way, users can activate the SOS messageby pressing the power button five times. In addition, the Chinese brand allows you to select up to three emergency contacts.

Those with devices of the Chinese companyHuaweiwith the operating systemEMUI 9.0or higher can also activate the function by pressingfive times on the power button.

To configure it, the user must enter the ‘Settings’ section, where they will find the ‘Security and privacy’ section.Then they must select ‘SOS Emergency’, choose emergency contacts and check the box ‘Also send SOS messages’.


For its part, this function in theiPhoneit runs differently than Android devices, since firstcontact the local emergency teamsand, once the call is finished, send a message to the contacts the user chooses.

Also, in these messagesthe current location of the person is includedand if it moves, the emergency contact will receive updates with the new location.

IPhone users should useApple’s ‘Health’ applicationto choose your emergency contacts. Within this ‘app’ you will have to select the section ‘Medical data’ and then click on ‘Edit’ to access ‘Emergency contacts’.

Once inside, users must select the ‘+’ symbol to select the contacts to which emergency notices will be sent.

To activate the messages in theiPhone 8or higher, the user will have to press the power button and one of the volume. Then ‘SOS Emergency’ will appear on the screen and you will have to drag to the right.

In the case ofiPhone 7or earlier, the user can press the side button or five times the button to increase the volume. You should also swipe to the right when the ‘SOS Emergency’ message appears.

Those users whose phones do not have these functions may use other applications, such as AlertCops. This ‘app’ is developed by the Ministry of Interior and allows you to make a call or write by chat to the authorities. You can also send photos, videos and location.



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