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Today we are going to explain how to create task lists in Alexa with Amazon Echo. One of the comforts of having an intelligent speaker is that thinking out loud will be enough to create lists of things. For example, if you suddenly remember that you do not have bread, you can immediately tell him to add it to the shopping list.

But we'll show you two ways to manage lists in Alexa. Yes, we're going to tell you what voice commands you need to use with Alexa. But we will also tell you how to manage and modify them using the mobile application of the assistant, since after adding items to a list with your voice, you can then consult them with your mobile phone.

How to create a list in Alexa

We start by explaining our article the steps you need to take to create a list in Alexa. When you do, these lists will be available on all devices with Alexa where you have linked your Amazon account. We will first explain how to do it with the Alexa mobile app, and then create them using voice commands in your Amazon Echo.

Create a list from the Alexa app

You'll have noticed the catches, which in the upper right corner you have a three-point icon when you're on a list. Pressing it will open a menu where you will see two options. You can give to quote to send the list to someone using the option to share your mobile phone, or Archive this list so that it disappears, but it is not completely erased. When you archive a list, you can permanently delete it.

Add items to the list from Amazon Echo

To add an item to a list, use the command Alexa, he adds [Elemento] in the XXXX list. For example, with this formula you can say something similar Alexa, add a coffee to the shopping list. Of course, if you want to mark some of these items as completed, you will be able to do it only from the Alexa application.

Also, as we said before, when you create a new list with the voice commands, after creating it, Alexa will ask you what you want to add, and she will listen to you to list different items. On this occasion every time you tell him something to add he will ask you if you want to add more.

If you prefer, you will also be able to do it tell the assistant Alexa, add things to the XXXX listand will ask you what you want to add by listening while you want to say it. Unfortunately, with this command you can only add one thing.

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