How to delete messages from the chat history


When sending a WhatsApp message quickly, embarrassing errors can occur. Fortunately, the messenger allows it the cancellation of messages already delivered. However, the function has a problem.

Did you send a message to your boss that was actually directed to another person or revealed an embarrassing spelling mistake? No problem: WhatsApp offers users the ability to permanently delete messages.

If you notice the misstep within an hour, simply hold down the message sent by mistake, select "Delete" and then "Delete for all". This will report the message. Instead of the wrong message, only the message "this message has been deleted" remains.

The elimination process is also possible in group chats. As a result, the message "This message has been deleted" is displayed to the recipient.

But there are some conditions to keep in mind: messages can be retrieved up to about an hour after sending. All the others are still irrevocably preserved. In addition, all those involved must use the latest version of WhatsApp. How to update the app, we explain here,

Incidentally, there are various tricks and apps that can be used to restore chat logs. So, if your counterpart is particularly curious, he will probably find a way to read the withdrawn messages.

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