How to differentiate a flu from the omicron variant

It is difficult to distinguish the symptoms of the flu from those of a contagion of coronavirus by the omicron variant, since the clinical pictures are very similar. The most effective way to know if it is one or the other and, above all, to clear up doubts, is to perform a PCR or a antigen test.

However, there is a series basic symptoms what is important to know. We explain them below.

flu symptoms

The flu has symptoms that are somewhat more severe than those of a cold or the common cold. The fever It is one of the most frequent symptoms, which usually appears suddenly as one of the first signs of this disease.

To the fever is added: the dry cough, the muscle and joint pain, the headache and sore throat, a general discomfort intense, congestion Y runny nose.

the cough pcan be intense and last 2 weeks or more, as reported by the WHO. The fever and other symptoms usually disappear in most cases within a week, without the need for medical attention. In people at risk, the flu can be a serious or even fatal illness.

Covid by omicron

The sixth wave of coronavirus, caused by the Ómicron, has once again unleashed fear among the population. The symptoms presented by this new variant differ from those of the previous ones: it causes a much milder disease, with fewer complications than the rest of the variants or, even, than the flu.

extreme fatigue, fever, tachycardia, the Muscle pain o go night sweats are some of the characteristics of this new variant. One of the great differences with the rest of the variants is that, normally, those infected do not lose their taste or smell.

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Although the Ómicron variant seems much milder than the previous ones, the Ministry of Health highlights that the Omicron contagion risk is considered high and the vaccine effectiveness regarding this is unknown, so they recommend continuing to maintain all prevention measures against the virus.

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