How to earn dollars with crypto games and collect in Mercado Pago

These games allow you to earn cryptocurrency by performing certain physical activities and other tasks in the “real” world. the keys of money

The Argentines launched into a new category of video games: play to earn (play to win), which allow you to add cryptocurrencies instead of accumulating points. Thus, several families began to play in Ax Infinity, generating an extra income in an asset that is quoted in dollars.

The tendency GameFi (acronym of games and finance, in English) gave rise to a new modality known as move to earn (move to win), which adds the fitness to the equation. Thus, it is possible to perform training routines, gain in health and also in dollarsas well as having fun.

What are move to earn games and how do they work?

like the games play to earn (P2E), which provide an economic return from the skills and time invested, los move to earn reward those who perform “physical” activities like walking, jogging or running in the “real world”. To do this, they combine:

  • GPS: with satellite information they track the movement of the player to grant them the benefits
  • non-fungible tokens: just like in play to earnthe characters with which you participate are NFT
  • Blockchain: all the operation of the game and management of funds is done through the chain of blocks

Also, these new titles combine several genres:

  • Role playing games: the user gets into the skin of the character
  • Physical exercises: by moving the VR avatar
  • Challenges: you can challenge an opponent in real life, but in the virtual field

What are the best move to earn games and how do they work?

Martin Furst, CEO of Fanstactic, reveals to iProUP what one of the best games in the M2E universe is Stepn: It is the one with the largest market capitalization. It is a health app y fitness free-to-playnamely, there is no need to pay to use its “basic” version. Nevertheless, In order to earn tokens, the user needs to buy a trainer in NFT.

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These “personal trainers crypto” are trading at about 9 SOL (Solana), about US$130. The price depends on the types, qualities and models. And they can be improved as you play and even sold for a higher sum.

A) Yes, following the orders of the trainers in NFT, users receive rewards by completing objectives in your runs, walks and other physical activities. According to the developers, the project aims to inspire millions of people to lead a healthier lifestyleconnect them with Web3 and fight against climate change.

For it, the game offers various gamification features in the app:

  • Trainer level up
  • Issuance mintage of new coaches
  • Mystery Boxes (with prizes)
  • NFT Personalization
  • social interactions

There are other games that follow it, although not as closely.. This phenomenon is similar to what happens with NFT marketplaces. There are several interesting ones, but the volume and capitalization of Opensea is much higher than the rest”, details Furts. Other interesting titles are:

  • MetaGym: is the first to allow exercise in the metaverse. The user has an NFT character named MetaGym Buddie, which allows you to measure heart rate, breathing rate and keep track of vital markers. To earn cryptocurrencies you have to perform different challenges, such as breathing, running and resistance exercises
  • Dotmoov: raises augmented reality training, in which the virtual space is combined with the real one. With the points earned you can buy game elements (avatars or updates). Additionally, users can participate in contests and leaderboards to win prizes.
  • drop: NFT shoes are used and for every minute of exercise $CALO tokens are earned, to buy fitness equipment, training programs and nutrition plans in the own marketplace or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies
  • Genopets: it is possible to earn tokens for raising a virtual pet that will evolve according to your care. Points are also earned for “walking” it or selling it to other players
  • SWEAT: allows you to earn for each step that the user takes, to encourage him to walk and benefit his health. Although at first it only allowed those points to be used within its own marketplace, it has just launched its own cryptocurrency: SWEATCOIN
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How much can you earn with move to earn games?

Furst points out that “enough money is earned daily if you move with the app and dedicate time to it. It is similar to the play to earnwhich offered higher rewards at first and then the market evened out.” “I imagine it’s going that way. You can earn $3,000 per month. The big difference is that it is possible to do it with running and other sports”, he highlights.

According to the expert, “it has very interesting consequences for the environment, since not only burn more calories, but also measure the carbon footprint, consumption and energy savingsgenerating a benefit for society”.

What do you need to play move to earn?

Nahuel Burbach, Community Lead of Pool Together for Latin America, indicates to iProUP : “The idea of move to earn it is captivating. The complexity involves achieving a sustainable model over time”.

Move-to-earn is another GameFi vertical: platforms that combine gaming and finance

Move-to-earn is another GameFi vertical: platforms that combine gaming and finance

“Basically, the incentives they offer can maintain their value or attractiveness as more participants join. Without a doubt, tHaving extra motivation when exercising is very interesting“, he affirms. Indeed, if these games can maintain their validity also the price of the tokens they distribute.

To get started with these games, you have to use a non-custodial wallet (like Metamask, for example) and deposit a certain amount of ethers (depends on each title) that can be obtained in Argentine exchanges. Then, you will have to connect that wallet to the app of some of these games to acquire the NFTs that will allow them to compete.

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It is a new mode. The traditional thing in the game is that one pays to play, not to win. Axie started this disruption“, highlights Tomás Peró, an expert in digital marketing. In his vision, “the important thing is the power it has, especially for Latin America. In fact, there are many people who play in Argentina to send money to their family abroad“.

Assets earned on each platform can be used to:

  • save hard currency: it is possible to exchange them for Bitcoin, Ethereum or digital dollars (USDT, DAI, etc) through a exchange centralized or decentralized
  • Spend in the country: once a more “recognized” currency is available (such as those mentioned in the previous point), they can be exchanged on a person-to-person or P2P platform (Binance, for example) to receive pesos in a bank or fintech account, such as Market Payment or Ualá
  • Spend abroad: also on a P2P platform (Paxful, for example), it is feasible purchase Amazon gift cards at a value of 25% less than nominal and buy products through Amazon Global, the door-to-door system of the ecommerce giant

Health, money and fun: three keys to the move move to earn that will allow you to have a better physical condition and earn cryptocurrencies in the “meanwhile”. What more could you want?

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