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How to erase stored data from a site in Chrome

How to erase data from a website in Chrome

All modern browsers allow in one way or another to delete the browsing history. This includes cookies and other data that are stored. It is a way to erase all traces of the visited sites or services used. It can also help to solve possible problems that appear when we browse and cause a malfunction of the program.

However, sometimes we may just be interested delete data from a web page specific. It is possible that when entering a site it generates errors and is due to the cookies stored and that are creating some type of conflict. It may also be that we are simply interested in deleting everything that the browser has saved from that site (user names, for example).

Luckily Google Chrome allows you to delete data only from a website. The process that we must carry out is simple and we will explain step by step what we should do.

The first thing we have to do is enter the Developer tools. For this we can go to the menu on the top right (the three points), click on More tools and then Developer tools. We can also simply press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + I.

Subsequently, once we enter this section, we must click on the two arrows that are above next to Performance and then Application.

We will see a series of options and we have to give Clear Storage, which appears on the left side (the third option). Below the graph we will see a button that says Clear site data. That is what we have to click to delete the data from that website.

Clean data in Chrome

As we will see, different options also appear below the graph. We will see that we can select cookies, the cache, local storage, etc. We can leave everything checked and therefore delete everything or simply select what really interests us.

When we have pressed the button Clear site data everything we have selected will be deleted. By default, as we have seen, all data, cookies and anything you have stored on that site will be deleted.

In short, it is simple delete the navigation data of a site specific. If we are interested in deleting cookies, for example, from a particular web page, it will not be necessary to have to delete all those that have been stored by the browser.

Keep in mind that if it is a page that stores data such as our username and password, the session will automatically close. This means that we will have to re-enter all our data as if it were the first time we entered that site.

The importance of maintaining privacy online

We can say that this also helps keep privacy In Internet. We already know that today there is a lot of data that is stored from our browsing. There are even many pages and platforms that can collect information for very different purposes such as including us in spam campaigns, sending targeted advertising or selling that data to third parties.

For all these reasons, it is essential that we always preserve privacy when browsing the Internet. We are talking about protecting data in the browser, such as the example we have given of Chrome and how to erase data from a specific site, but we must also apply it to any platform or service we use on the network.


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