It seems a bit absurd that two applications such as WhatsApp on iPhone and Android have so many differences in operation. Surely we are currently paying for the original design, which was not too uniform, so some options are in different menus. And we are not talking about just one, there are quite a few examples.

One of them is export those chats that, for whatever reason, we want to store individually. A history of the conversations held and that we can keep safely on any device to open it in the future to remind that person who is no longer there, or that other person that they promised us and here we are still waiting … In addition, we can do it with or without the attachments.

It is not a backup

It is important to say that when we talk about exporting chats we do not mean to make a backup. What this function does is save all the chats of all the contacts and store them in a cloud for future WhatsApp recoveries. Either because we have changed devices voluntarily or because after a fatal accident, we are forced to migrate to another iPhone.

Export WhatsApp chats on iOS.

So if you are sick of seeing tutorials that explain how to export conversations from WhatsApp and only refer to android method, here we leave you the iPhone one. Which is apparently easier because to do them we will have to start by going to the chat, individual or group, that we want to save.

Once inside, click on the name of the group or contact, to go to the screen with all the details. We make scroll towards the lower area until we see the option to “Export chat” (be careful not to give it by mistake to “Empty chat”), so A new menu will appear where we can choose two possibilities: attach all the files that have been sent (photos, videos, GIFs, documents and audio notes) or not, only the text, which will take up infinitely less space.

To give you an idea of ​​the difference between weight in the resulting compressed file, a group chat, with between six and eight participants, who is one year old and with a certain bustle of messages, photos and videos, it could occupy up to 1.5GB, while exporting only text conversations it remains at a scant 550Kb.

After choosing what we want to save and what not, WhatsApp will ask us how to share that ZIP file. We already told you that if you include photos and videos, the best way to export it is through a cloud: Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, etc. If it is only text, sending it by email will help you.


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