How to find a license key in Windows 10 or 11?

You need a Windows 10 or 11 product key when reinstalling or transferring the operating system to another device. Find out where to find the license key here.

Planning to reinstall Windows because the system keeps crashing, for example? Or maybe a brand new laptop beckons on the corner of your desk without an included Windows version. In either case, many users will choose to save themselves some money and install an already purchased version of the operating system.

Windows will then ask for the license key for installation. You will probably have to look this up and we will be happy to explain how. First we discuss two methods that can be performed without additional software. Since these methods don’t seem to work on every device or can be cumbersome, we conclude with a simple third-party tool to find the product key.

  • Simple when it works

    Look for the command prompt by the combination of the Windows key and the R to press. type cmd in and click on OK. Copy and paste the command: wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey Then the computer will snort up the product key. You can find this under OA3XOriginalProductKey.

  • More cumbersome but it works

    The second method again starts from the command prompt. So press the combination of the Windows test in R on your keyboard to get started. type regedit to open the Windows registry. In addition to settings about applications and devices, you will also find information about the operating system. Expand the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE uit << SOFTWARE << MICROSOFT << Windows NT << CurrentVersion << SoftwareProtectionPlatform. Quite a sandwich already, but we’re not there yet. Just open BackupProductKeyDefault and find the information under value data.

  • Externe tool

    Finally, it is possible to download software that will find the product key for you. Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder for example, there is a free and simple tool for this. After going through the installation process, open the tool and find the product key behind CD Key back.

After following this step-by-step plan, did you discover that your product key starts with the letters OEM? In that case, Windows may not allow you to install the operating system on another device.

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