How to get a last minute flight to Europe for under $ 1000


If you thought you had lost your boat to jump into a European adventure this year, think again.

Travelers looking for a lush European vacation are in luck, with an airline that currently offers deals to several popular cities for under $ 1000 round trip.

So, if the constant flow of # Euro2019 snaps chewing on your newsfeed makes you dream of long summer days and afternoons in the Mediterranean, this deal could take you one step closer to adhering to the luxurious vacation life abroad.

Air China has launched a series of agreements from Sydney and Melbourne to popular destinations abroad, such as London and Paris.

Booking with, return flights to Paris start at $ 799 per person, including taxes from Sydney, while the journey will bring you back just $ 783 from Melbourne.

The departure dates for the trip are between September 1 and November 30, 2019 without blackout periods.

If you hope to visit London, you can get there for as little as $ 943 from Sydney, including your return journey.

As a further saving, if your trip is booked through their app, you can save another $ 100 but you will have to be quick as the sale ends on August 14 and you will be given a

first come first served.

STA Travel also has a sale of flights in Europe for a slightly higher price at the time of booking with Lufthansa.

Starting at just $ 1299, this round-the-world ticket will stop the holder in Asia, North America or South America on the way to Europe.

Checked baggage is included for all flights, but the sale is not going to last long.

Once in Europe, the company is discounting 20% ​​off Contiki last minute travel, so you can check out the best of Italy, Spain or Greece at a discounted rate.



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